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HULK HOGAN’s Sex Tape Partner Has Taped Three Other Men On Same Bed

20 Oct

The latest Hollywood news reports that HULK HOGAN‘s sex tape partner, HEATHER CLEM, has taped three other men on the same bed that she used in her filmed session with Hulk.


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As previously reported, Hulk Hogan‘s controversial sex tape with Heather Clem, his so-called best friend Bubba the Love Sponge‘s ex wife, has surfaced online and the muscle man is suing both his sex partner and his BFF-for allegedly conspiring in the recording of the deed to make big money from it-as well as media outlets like Gawker for posting clips of the footage for more than $100 million in total for damages.

Now sources reveal that Clem has three other tapes with different men and it seems she planned to tape them all. The hottest speculation is that Bubba allowed her to bed other men as long as she recorded it.

In one of the tapes, she was seen walking up to the camera to double-check that it was recording. She even told her mystery partner, who was clearly neither Bubba nor Hulk:

“Is this thing recording? Okay, not that I don’t trust you but I will get in trouble if it doesn’t.”


As for the other two new tapes, they looked very similar to Hulk’s with the camera placed overhead and the same exact bed. Unlike the first unnamed partner, the two other men may or may not be aware that they were being recorded.

What can you say about this confusing scandal?

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