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9 Most Evil Film Directors

28 Jan

Tom Six

Calling a director ‘evil’ is a bit of a minefield. You could call Roman Polanski evil for having sex with an underage girl. You could call certain directors evil for the way they treat their cast and crew – remember Hitchcock’s remark about actors being cattle?

In this list, I am not judging directors on their personal lives or ways of working, I am rating them on their film output – for example, why is X director so obsessed with the sex lives of children? Why has X director bombarded us with the sickest idea for a horror movie ever made? Why did X director get into film making just to make money and cynically trade on his ability to gross us out?

It is a light hearted list and I love some of the directors I have listed, but by golly do they have evil ideas. Some are deeply cynical, some are misanthropes, some hate women, some are profoundly racist and these little evil traits get transported onto the screen. It’s a fun list so please enter your favourite evil director below!

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