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10 Perverted Movies To Make You Blush

13 Aug

ken park

Ah pervert movies! Where would we be without them? They fuel lots of controversy and hilarious bile filled rants from the Daily Mail who seek to be our moral guardians and protect us from such filth. Everyone enjoys a good perv now and then and thankfully there is a lot of movies around willing to satisfy our cravings.

I have chosen a selection of diverse films from around the world for you to peruse. Please add your own pervert movies below.

10. Damage (1992)

damage 1999

Jeremy Irons plays Dr Stephen Fleming – a politician who lives a tranquil life with his wife Ingrid and his daughter Sally. He also has an older son called Martyn who is an up and coming journalist. At a party, Stephen meets a young woman who introduces herself as Anna – his son’s new girlfriend. Sexual chemistry is evident between Stephen and Anna and they are all consumed by passion – having sexy trysts left, right and centre.

After a lot of shagging and trying to hide their feelings for each other, Anna hands Stephen the keys to an apartment. They start another sex marathon when who should walk in but Martyn. He is utterly dumb struck, and backing out of the apartment falls over the bannisters to his death. His dirty secret revealed, Stephen becomes a focus for the media circus. His wife leaves him and he has to resign as an MP. He never forgets about Anna though, still obsessed with her after everything that happened.

Father sleeping with son’s girlfriend is quite a pervy premise for a movie and the film does not disappoint on the sex front. If you have ever wondered what Jeremy Irons looks like in the buff, now is the time to satisfy your curiosity. Juliette Binoche is a sexy lady and gives an uninhibited performance as Anna – a complex character whose motives are uncertain in the film.

An honest film that portrays sexuality not as a ‘Hey baby let’s get jiggy’ kind of way, but rather sex as an obsession that both parties cannot extricate themselves from. It is heavy and intense, frequently pervy. Both parties are, as the title suggests, damaged. The sex never feels gratuitous and is integral to the storyline. If you like grown up dark sexy dramas that are food for the mind, check out Damage. Perverts will also be satisfied.

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