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Actors Who’ve Been Royally Screwed Out of an Emmy

11 Apr

Sure, there’ll always be someone snubbed at any given awards show, but it’s incredibly harsh at the Emmys considering the same people win every single year. (I’m looking at you, Modern Family.)

Derek Hough, who I’m sure is a fantastic guy, managed to walk out of Sunday’s ceremony with an award for Outstanding Choreography. This would’ve been great news and all had the world not come to the realization that the 28-year-old managed to snag an Emmy before, say, Angela Lansbury, who’s been nominated several over a 33-year period and has yet to win one.

Come on, even the Oscars found a way to bestow an Honorary Academy Award to Peter O’Toole after almost 50 years of being in the game without a single win. Surely we can stop giving Jim Parsons yet another award and start focusing on the underdogs, right?

Here are more injustices deserving actors who’ve yet to win an Emmy, in the gallery above.

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