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JUSTIN BIEBER Using Codeine As Recreational Drug At Parties?

4 Feb

According to the latest Hollywood gossip, JUSTIN BIEBER is reportedly using codeine (cough syrup, FYI) as a recreational drug at parties.

Oh dear.

PFR 008349

Ever since his breakup with Selena Gomez, the singer has been hanging out more and more with some of his rapper friends, who have reportedly been influencing him to take recreational drugs.

About a month after photos of Justin smoking a marijuana blunt were leaked online, the singer was once again photographed enjoying what appeared to be “sizzurp”-a drink made with cough syrup-at a party.

TMZ reports:

Justin Bieber partied with his boyz this week … and there are photos that appear to show a large bottle of codeine at the shindig — aka sizzurp.”

The site continues:

“The photos show Justin, Lil Za and Lil Twist (we’re told both of whom have smoked pot with Bieber) at a table rolling up blunts. Also on the table — two sets of double cups (a known style of consuming sizzurp which was made popular by Lil Wayne)… [and] in one of the photos, Bieber is [seen] drinking out of a double cup.”

Sources close to Justin reveal that the “As Long As You Love Me” singer denies taking codeine for recreation, but admits to smoking pot.

Yikes. We hope Justin‘s not headed down the Lindsay Lohan path…

Photo By PR Photos

JUSTIN BIEBER And Victoria’s Secret Angels Lip Sync To “Beauty And The Beat” (VIDEO)

5 Dec

JUSTIN BIEBER and the Victoria’s Secret Angels lip synced to his new single, “Beauty and the Beat,” in a newly-released music video.

Lucky boy and girls!

Justin Bieber Beauty And A Beat Victorias Secret Angels

Justin Bieber has released a new low-budget music video for his new single, “Beauty and the Beat,” and it features the sexy Victoria’s Secret Angels.

The video, which was filmed during the recent lingerie fashion show, shows the teenage pop star goofing around with the models-including Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima and Miranda Kerr-clad in revealing, cleavage-baring outfits that they’re obviously used to wearing.

It bore an obvious resemblance to the single’s first video but this was more interesting… for obvious reasons.

It should be awkward for Selena Gomez, who allegedly broke up with the Biebs for spending an unusual amount of time with one of the angels, Barbara Palvin.

Awkwardness aside, check out the fun-filled video below:

Photo Via Video Screen Grab

JUSTIN BIEBER Beaten Up On “Family Guy” (VIDEO)

28 Nov

JUSTIN BIEBER was beaten up on the latest episode of “Family Guy,” according to entertainment news.


justin bieber family guy

Justin Biebers‘s concert audience may have been a little light on him when they booed him at the recent football halftime show in Canada recently, but “Family Guy” and its lead character Peter Griffin wasn’t, as seen in the latest episode of the animated TV series.

In the episode, we see the animated Bieber-who bore his likeness, with his trademark hair (brunette this time) and black and purple outfit (his favorite color)-being beaten after Griffin thought he was about to get with his wife, Lois.

Watch the hilarious clip below:

What can you say about Justin‘s appearance on “Family Guy”?
Photo Via Video Screen Grab

Justin Bieber’s Paparazzo Gets Off On Car Chase Charges!

15 Nov

Justin Bieber Paparazzo Charges Dropped

Looks like one pesky paparazzo has been let off the hook… somewhat!

Remember back in July, when Justin Bieber was involved in a cray cray car chase, down the 101 Freeway in El Lay?

Paparazzo Paul Raef was slapped with four charges for his reckless chase of the Biebs, making him the first ever charged under California’s paparazzi law, drafted up in 2010!

Now it seems Cali Superior Court Judge Thomas Rubinson has chosen to dismiss two of those misdemeanors, finding the new law “problematic” and “overly inclusive.”

While Raef walked away without a $3,500 fine and six months in jail, his charges for reckless driving and failing to obey the lawful order of a police officer still stand.

However, these charges would only lock the pap away for up to 90 days and serve him a fine of $1,000!

Hopefully he’s learned his lesson… though, we don’t think Bieby will be too happy to hear the news!

[Image via WENN.]

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