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Kanye West Is Hiring For His Next Fashion Project…On LinkedIn?!?

19 Jun

Anyone looking to add “CFO of Yeezus’ Fashion Line” to their resume? If so, Kanye West might have just the opportunity for you!

Last week someone posted multiple job listings on LinkedIn that claimed to be searching for the future VP and CFO of a mystery “Kanye West clothing project”.

Our suspicions were immediately aroused, because LinkedIn is such a plebeian tool to use that we couldn’t imagine someone who sells plain T-shirts for $120 and has a mind like a Hermes factory would do anything so normal.

Now, we do know ‘Ye has been working on a new unisex clothing line that the ad could be referring to, but the man has a gazillion non-LinkedIn connections he could exploit through both his fashion work and the Kardashians.

Just doesn’t seem legit. But who knows!

Feel free to check out the job descriptions (below)!

Watch Kanye West Predict What You’re Going to Say About His Teeth

26 Feb

The one and only Kanye West recently did a four-part interview with BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe.

And judging from the preview, released on Friday, Kanye fans are in for a treat.

From fashion talk (“wear some hot-a** Jordans on the beach”) to professional revelations (“I know how to make perfect but that’s not what I’m here to do”), the rapper holds nothing back from the spectacled Lowe.

Kanye also predicts how you’re going to react when you hear the interview. (In brief, you’re not going to like his teeth or the grills on them).

The first part of the interview will air on Monday at 7 p.m. UK time.

Kanye’s Yeezus Tour is scheduled to kick off on Oct. 19 in Seattle.

NSFW Video: What’s Kanye West Ranting About Now?

16 Feb

Kanye West‘s gotta get something off his chest (again).

Just so you know, he insists he makes good music and wants to shout it to the world.

At Pusha T’s listening party Wednesday in NYC, in true Yeezy fashion (complete with gold grill) he took over the mic to show his love for “good music” and had a few choice words for “sellouts.”

“I don’t give a f**k of any of these corporations! Any of these sellouts!” he yelled (and was captured on camera by

“We make good music, we make good music!”

“We don’t give a f**k about how much god damn money you make! We make good music!” he continued, even throwing in a dig all those other designers’ “camo prints at MAGIC” for good measure.

And there’s more f-bombs where that came from (12 to be exact).

“We don’t give a f**k! We don’t five a f**k!

“But this is that culture. Everybody’s stealing that culture,” he said to the crowd of people surrounding him and hanging on his every word.

And then all of a sudden… it was over, with Kim Kardashian‘s baby daddy getting the last word – or two: “I’m done.”

Check out Kanye West’s newest epic rant in the video above and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Kris Jenner And Kanye Talked For One (Filmed) Hour Today

15 Dec

Seventeen Celebrates Kendall Jenner And Kylie Jenner

It happened. Kanye West made his faux mother-in-law’s day by sitting down for an interview, to be aired at the end of Kris Jenner‘s talk show run (currently in trial stages).

A source told Dish Nation that West and Jenner shot the one-hour chat, which was filmed in Culver City, CA today.

West talked about being a new dad, being smitten-kitten with Kim Kardashian and living in Jenner’s home while the family’s Bel-Air mansion is undergoing construction.

The episode will reportedly air Friday, August 23rd. A source close to Jenner confirmed to CELEBUZZ that West did in fact sit down for an interview to air later this month on The Kris Jenner Show.

KANYE WEST Wishes Paparazzi Well This Christmas (VIDEO)

26 Dec

KANYE WEST, who is not the best fan of the paparazzi, wished them well this Christmas season.

How nice of him!

kanye west smile happy holidays paparazzi

Kanye West seems to be feeling the holiday spirit because when he was approached by a bunch of paparazzi early this week, he actually smiled at them and wished them “Happy Holidays.”

We find it interesting, of course, considering the greeting comes from the short-fused rapper who has gone berserk on the busy reporters and shutterbugs (even going as far as smashing their expensive gear into pieces) more than once in the past few years!

Or perhaps it was also because of his sexy girlfriend, with whom he was leaving a Los Angeles restaurant in her ridiculously expensive, top of the line, 2013 Mercedes G63 AMG, that he didn’t want to ruin his good mood.


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