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Moment of Then: Kathie Lee Gifford’s ‘Love Never Fails’

5 Nov

Sometime in the early-2000s, Kathie Lee Gifford filmed a music video for the song “Love Never Fails.” It was epic.

The video basically plays out like hour four of a party on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – ie, lots of knee-jerk movements, chain belts and midriff shots that never add up to anything other than weird. Even so, Gifford seems to be loving every minute of it as the song builds to a very aggressive climax. (Everything from the 2:58 mark onward is basically Ramona Singer Realness.)

The song itself was featured on Gifford’s CD “Heart of a Woman,” released Oct. 24, 2000. It features additional ballad and mid-tempo pop songs, as well as one country twangified song called “Heartache, Heartache,” which is everything you’d want it to be and more. God bless her.

Watch the video for “Love Never Fails,” above.

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