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5 Reasons Why Kick-Ass 2 Did Kick Ass

23 Jun

Kick-Ass 2

A lot has been said about Kick-Ass 2. Some think it’s mindless violence and not worthy of being a sequel. Others think it’s a fun, action packed ride that is great to watch.

I myself have to lean towards the latter. I just cannot understand the unnecessary hate this film is getting. This is why I felt the need to break down step by step why Kick-Ass 2 was a good film and a worthy sequel.

In a time where a lot of comic book movies are choosing to go for a very serious somber tone. It’s quite refreshing to get a film where it knows it can have those elements to it, but also can make you have a great time watching it.

Sometimes films come out and people (critics) are just determined to hate it. However, I hope to win over you guys out there that lean towards the more negative reviews and show you why Kick-Ass 2 did indeed kick ass!

5. The Action

Kick Ass 2 Jim Carrey

The criticism with this aspect of the film seems to be an overly used one these days when describing action films, that criticism being the use of shaky cam during fight scenes.

I myself did not have any problem with the action scenes in this film and found them very entertaining. At no point was I saying to myself ‘Oh the shaky cam is really distracting there!’. Like I said before it seems to be the fashionable thing now to immediately jump to shaky cam as a reason to criticize an action film. But come on guys it’s getting really old now don’t you think?

Anyone who can honestly say it wasn’t a thrill to see Hit-Girl taking out guys left right and center with ease is lying to themselves. Especially when she went up against that behemoth Mother Russia. The action sequences were well shot and choreographed. Everyone who we wanted to square up to each other happened and that is never a thing to criticize.

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