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Jimmy Fallon and The Roots’ Sesame Street Performance with Elmo and Friends is Actually Pretty Amazing

29 Mar

Thank you, Jimmy Fallon, for bringing a smile to the child in all of us today.

The latest Late Night classroom instruments session has arguably put all other previous performances (sorry Mariah Carey, Robin Thicke and Carly Rae Jepsen) to shame.

On Wednesday night, the main cast of Sesame Street joined Fallon and the guys from The Roots for a very adorable rendition of the show’s beloved theme song.

The Count counted everyone in, naturally, while Abby Cadabby showed off her sweet rapping skills with The Roots’ Black Thought.

Big Bird had a solo, as did Elmo and Cookie Monster (who ate his instrument, a banana shaker).

Sesame Street kicked off its 44th season earlier this month.

[Lead image courtesy of Lloyd Bishop/NBC]

Lindsay Lohan “Scrumps” with Jimmy Fallon Because Twerking is “So 2013″

24 Mar

Lindsay Lohan on Jimmy Fallon

Lindsay Lohan was a surprise guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night where she donned her tweeniest tights for his recurring sketch “Ew!”

Lohan and Fallon discussed all things ew including: rakes, Segways, Hamburger Helper and twerking. Dustin Hoffman, however, was deemed “cute.”

The two only broke character once, which is much better than the last time the two were in a sketch together.

We missed you, Lindsay!

Watch Bryan Cranston’s Amazing ‘Let Us Play With Your Look’ Bit on ‘Late Night with ‘Jimmy Fallon’

9 Nov

Some poor lucky soul was treated to a makeover by Bryan Cranston on Friday’s episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

And while that audience member’s face didn’t really show it, we’re pretty sure he knew just how lucky he was.

Cranston, 57, is the latest Hollywood celebrity to take part in Fallon’s sometimes weird, sometimes awesome sketch that involves platinum-blonde bob goodness, bright (almost too bright) spotlights and mystery makeover product.

Need a refresher on “Let Us Play With Your Look?”

Check out Lindsay Lohan‘s surprise appearance here, and Anne Hathaway‘s below.

Breaking Bad returns into our lives one final time on AMC Aug. 11.

[Lead image courtesy of Lloyd Bishop/NBC]

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