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WWE: 6 Reasons Your Criticisms Of The Current Product Are Plain Wrong

23 May



For those who are not in the know, a smark usually defined as someone who is totally obsessed with all things wrestling and not only watches the programming but follows the business in its entirety, from backstage politics to real life events in the Superstars lives. But I believe there is truly a significant difference between a “smart” wrestling fan and a smark. A smart wrestling fan takes everything into account when making his critique of the current product, basically we try to find improvements that will benefit not only the entire audience but the wrestlers in general and make for the best possible show & brand overall.

Now smarks as I see it, only look at ways how they can improve the product for themselves. They’re the most selfish people in wrestling. They constantly complain, tend to nit-pick and question every decision a wrestling company makes, never really offer any good suggestions. They want the show to cater only to them and if they had it their way, they would only push their favourite superstars only. Smarks are the type of people who say things like “the WWE is crap, I haven’t watched it in years.” That has got to be the most annoying statement ever. If you haven’t watched it in years, how do you know its crap and what gives you the right to critique if you don’t watch it anymore?

And with the ratings at an all time low (in America anyway) it seems that the majority of fans nowadays are all smarks, as the WWE right now, admittedly after a few tumultuous years is at its best period since 2002. I honestly can’t make sense of it myself, as the WWE seems to have listened to their fans as of late and done everything we have ever asked of them….including most of the smarks main arguments as to why the “pg era” is so bad….to which I have decide to retort, just so I can put to rest all of their petty little arguments & maybe add a few points to their ratings so as to make sure this new beginning does not get push aside because of what peoples misconception of the current product are….

(P.S. If I sound like I am one of those whom I have described as a “smark”, I honestly don’t mean to, ha…. this is just trying to be a counter argument to the main points most most of em scream about….I just like to think that I am more susceptible to my ideas being wrong and I won’t be defending them to the death in any type of gladiatorial spectacle, I welcome any and all “constructive” criticisms….these are in no particular order)

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Emmys 2013: 5 Nominations That Should Have Happened

11 May


Well, the 2013 Emmy nominations have been revealed and there were a lot of surprise nominations and a lot of surprise snubs. Instead of looking at the surprise nominations, I figure I’d go the obvious route and look at the snubs.

Now, I never get too upset with snubs and nominations, and stuff like that. It doesn’t really ring important with me. However, I do think certain shows and performances deserve a little more recognition and a little boost to increase viewers and keep the shows afloat. Now, while I’m not positive getting an Emmy nom helps your ratings, I couldn’t imagine it would hurt them.

I use to take the Emmy’s seriously. I use to think they meant something. After Jim Parsons beat Steve Carell twice, I just didn’t feel like they meant anything. No disrespect to Parsons, I think he is great on BBT, but it is nothing compared to Carell’s portrayal of Michael Scott. I know it’s weird to think that one award, back to back years, made me change my entire mind on the Emmys and award shows in general, but it did.

I’m also going to come out and say that I don’t watch a decent amount of the popular shows that get nominated. So for me to say that someone deserves to be nominated instead of someone from Game of Thrones or Mad Men, would be insane. Because I don’t watch those shows I can’t say who is or who isn’t good on that program. These are just people that I think should have been nominated, also.

Enough rambling, let’s take a look at the snubs! (SPOILERS AHEAD!)

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WWE: 10 Wrestling Finishers Even We Could Walk Away From

19 Nov

Wwe 2k13 I

Since the Golden Days of pro wrestling in the 1940s and 50s, would-be champs have been clawing and drop-kicking their way up the ranks of the industry by developing compelling identities, characters, costumes, and gimmicks for themselves.

From Gorgeous George and Haystacks Calhoun to the Undertaker and Shark Boy, any wrestler worth his or her salt has to be the ultimate salesman. They ply their trade and sacrifice physical health (and sometimes personal dignity) to build an audience, put butts in seats, and someday wear the coveted strap around their waists.

Regardless of a cool name, sexy outfit or goosebump-producing entrance theme, the true hallmark of any great grappler is a truly devastating, crowd-popping finishing move, for what is a Steve Austin highlight reel without the Stunner?

What is Jeff Hardy without the Swanton Bomb? In an effort to be unique and relevant in an industry that has hosted a cavalcade of outlandish characters and maneuvers, the pros have been toiling for decades to develop the signature move that will be forever immortalised in internet top 10 lists. This is not going to be the list they were shooting for!

I am sure JBL’s Clothesline from Hell would knock the wind out of me, and I know for a fact that the Iron Sheik’s Camel Clutch hurts like a cast-iron S.O.B. For every 10 finishing moves that create the involuntary “Ooooh!” cringe in the audience, there is bound to be one or two that, let’s be honest, just wouldn’t really be that effective in a non-scripted environment.

This is not to be confused with any 10 worst lists out there. I am not taking into consideration showmanship, fan reaction or marketability. This is strictly about whether or not the move would hold any water if performed in a real situation. I’m sure you’ve seen other articles that discuss the “least believable finishers”.

I see things like headbutts and punches show up on those lists; trust me, nothing is more believable when it comes to knocking someone out than a well-executed headbutt or punch! I feel fairly confident the average healthy individual could walk away from these “All show, no go” signature moves…

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10 TV Douche-Bags Who Get Away With Everything

13 Oct

Dexter ensemble

There’s no shortage of douche-bags in television; they’re the type of people you’d hate to be around in real life, but find enthralling to watch on screen. Any show that hopes to survive the pilot will inevitably rack up a fair few of these characters. Indeed, a quick google search will yield endless countdowns of personalities from every type of programme under the sun, each with their own personal brand of douche-baggery that has excited and infuriated audiences for decades

With all these douche-bags running rife, it’s perhaps understandable how the characters on this list have managed to fly so blissfully under the radar for as long as they have. Unlike the J.R. Ewings or Cordelia Chases of the world, the douches featured here seldom get called out for their attitude, rarely get held accountable for their actions and NEVER learn their lesson when things start going wrong, yet they always live to fight another day.

Naturally, the world of television is so diverse that it would be nigh on impossible to create an exhaustive list with just ten entries and as ever, this article is riddled with SPOILERS, so approach with caution! Nevertheless, 10 TV douche-bags who get away with everything, in no particular order are:

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10 Innocent TV Characters Who Were Horribly Mistreated

11 Sep

Big Bang Theory

There are regularly a bunch of television characters abused for our amusement. But you’d be surprised at the amount of characters that don’t actually deserve it. I’ve never given it much thought before writing this, but it was alarming the amount of choices I had. I feel quite passionately, especially by my the character taking the number one slot and I’ve been wanting to rant about it for a couple of weeks now.

Innocence is a funny thing, whether it be the innocence and naivety of the character in particular, or whether the show twists scenarios for a morally good person to end up in with a microwave curry for one as their dinner every night.

And microwave curries for one taste horrible.

10. Dave (Gavin & Stacey)


I don’t like Dave. I never hide that fact. But that’s because I’ve been manipulated into disliking Dave. I’m a massive Smithy fan, not just because of my man crush on James Corden, but because there’s an innocence to him that I feel is often overlooked. But Dave, Dave is perhaps even more innocent.

He’s introduced as a love interest for Nessa, with the two eventually becoming engaged. We, as viewers, are encouraged to root for Smithy to step up and become a father for Neil, the baby. Dave is the roadblock. It’s not that Dave is a bad person, it’s a case of wrong place, wrong time. If he were already in relationship with Nessa, we’d probably think differently. In fact, there’s only one instance I can think of when Dave is a bad person, when he attempts to disallow Smithy his father / son time. This sort-of love triangle culminates in the last episode, as he nobly steps down and stops his marriage ceremony as he realises Nessa doesn’t love him. And then leaves, probably never to be heard of again.

Dave is largely innocent, but we’re encouraged to dislike him and that is mistreatment, because he’s not a bad person.

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12 Teams That Will Make The NFL Playoffs This Year And Why

26 Aug


With the 2013 NFL Regular season rapidly approaching, I am going to attempt to do the nearly impossible: I will select the 12 teams (6 from each conference) that will make it to the playoffs this year. Then, at the end of this post, I’ll offer my Super Bowl prediction. Stick around.

Of course, sports predictions are about as foolproof as jumping out of an airplane sans parachute, but there is a science to it – one that’s much more interesting than that chemistry course you slept through in high school. Aside from the fact that I am not prescient, there are two main barriers that stand in the way of pre-season NFL predictions: the tantalizing yearly trade deadline and unforeseeable injuries. So, keep in mind the following predictions are based upon current rosters, coaches, and schedules.

Without further ado, let us begin with the NFC (because I’m a Packer fan)…

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9 Movies That Prove Capitalism Isn’t All Bad

25 Jul

RIsky Business

For the record, I don’t think that capitalism is all good either, I just think it has proved itself to be slightly more workable than previous attempts at economic organisation. No doubt one of those ‘capitalism is crisis’ types in a tent outside a Starbucks would shout at me for saying that, but it’s what I believe.

In compiling this list I have realised that it is far easier to find films that roundly criticise capitalism and blame the system for all that is wrong in the Western world than it is to find movies actively celebrating its benefits. It seems the creative types who go into film-making are a radical bunch. You’d have thought the fact that the movie business has made many of them incredibly wealthy would merit a degree of gratitude to the economic system that permits such a state of affairs.

In American Psycho for instance it is very easy to criticise the shallowness of Patrick Bateman’s lifestyle, and the fact that he likes to hack people to death with axes. No one focuses on the fact that Patrick does have a very nice apartment, as well as a truly impressive collection of business cards. (I should point out here that this is intended as a joke. In my last list I realised that some internet folk do not understand tongue-in-cheek humour unless you use that annoying emoticon, which I refuse to do.)

So anyway, I tried to find films that highlight the benefits of capitalism, not just the increasingly hipster-ish ideal that it somehow holds us all back. To quote Mark Corrigan from Channel 4 s Peep Show: “It’s only the miracle of consumer capitalism that means you’re not lying in your own s**t, dying at 43 with rotten teeth”.

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