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Lorde’s Boyfriend: Five Things to Know About James Lowe

18 Feb

Let’s face it. Lorde is a million times cooler than any 17-year-old in history.

And given the newly minted Grammy winner’s choice in beaus, she’s also cooler than every other young sensation to come out in the past decade. After all, instead of linking up with another cool up-and-comer in “the biz,” her heart belongs to an interesting fellow New Zealander named James Lowe, 24.

Here are a few things to know about Lorde’s bespectacled boyfriend:

1. He’s a photographer.
His Instagram feed features some of his snaps, which are filled with delightful, hipster whimsy.

2. He’s a supportive boyfriend.
He’s a staple at her shows and music-video tapings, and is there at big events like the Grammys. Often chronicling the moments with his camera, he usually adds sweet emphasis about his lady in question. “Still no words … so proud,” reads one of his captions this week. (Warning: It also contains NSFW language.)

3. He’s a foodie.
Given the evidence on his blog and Instagram, he’s clearly an epicurean. From a bacon-laden breakfast sandwich to Christmas cookies, he’s always up for a tasty treat. “We eat til death,” he wrote, along with a photo of a sandwich filled with hash browns, caramelized onions and guacamole.

4. He’s a romantic.
How do we know? Check out this lovely quote on Lorde (whom he calls by her real name, Ella) on his website: “I’m happy today, she’s amazing … she fills the little voids I try to avoid.” Can’t you just see the last part on a Quotable Card?

5. He’s neat.
Now, any lady would likely appreciate this! Given the impeccable state of his suitcase and the neat rack of his giveaway clothes, he’s clearly a man who wouldn’t leave dirty clothes in a pile on the floor.

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