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Lena Dunham Goes Glam For Marie Claire UK

6 Jan

Lena Dunham

Who’s that girl?

Lena Dunham is simply stunning in the pages of Marie Claire UK‘s new October issue. The 27-year-old Girls star and creator landed the cover of the mag’s 25th birthday edition, and posed in a slew of feminine and romantic looks for the fashionable spread.

Dunham opened about body image for her cover story, revealing:

“My parents both have really healthy attitudes about their own bodies but also about the range of things that can be beautiful. But they also just always made me feel pretty and cool and smart, even in the moments when I have known – and still know – that my body wasn’t fitting into a traditional Hollywood idea of the female body.”

She went on to discuss her confidence: “This could very easily be taken out of context, and I think it’s funny now, but I remember looking in the mirror as a kid and it would be like for an hour at a time, and I’d be like: ‘I’m just so beautiful. Everybody is so lucky that they get to look at me.’ And of course that changes as you get older, but I may have held on to that little-kid feeling that was me alone in my bathroom.”

Lena posted her Marie Claire cover shot to Instagram on Wednesday, thanking designer Erdem for showing her some fashion love: “Have to thank my beloved @erdemlondon for making me this dress for the cover of UK Marie Claire. It is such a relief to be dressed by a designer who doesn’t feel that women sizes 4 and up belong in a belted sack. Thank you, sweet Erdem, for knowing we don’t want to look like a gang of art teachers. And thank you, Marie Claire, for thinking a little twisted.”

The writer/actress/director tweeted Tuesday: “My style goal is essentially to look like a slutty kindergartener with access to her mother’s vast collection of “ethnic” jewelry.”

Well, we don’t think she quite achieved that goal with this particular shoot, but it’s good to know she’s pleased with the outcome anyhow.

Launch the gallery, above, to see more looks from Lena’s Marie Claire UK spread. Head on over to for more.

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