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Mark Wahlberg: Most of ’2 Guns’ Was Improvised

28 Aug

When you put two acting pros like Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington together on a set, they are going to make a movie their own. That’s exactly what happened with their ancitipated action-comedy, 2 Guns.

“Most of the movie was improvised,” Wahlberg told Celebuzz on the red carpet of the film’s New York City premiere. “No discredit to the writer; he did a great job and we had a great piece of material to work from. But in a situation like that, you’re constantly playing and throwing curve-balls at each other. It just heightens the material.”

2 Guns, based on a Boom! Studios graphic novel of the same name, sees two undercover operatives – one from the DEA (Washington), one from the Navy (Wahlberg) – reluctantly running together as they try to take down a Mexican drug cartel. But when a blunder gets them ousted by their bosses, they are forced to count on the only person they can: the other.

For Washington, the role called for him to step out of his drama wheelhouse to dabble in comedy. But according Wahlberg, his costar tackled the new terrain like the Academy Award-winning actor he is.

“There isn’t anything that he can’t do,” Wahlberg said. “It was just a matter of doing it with the right people and in the right setting. Having him being so committed to just trying things and going for it and wanting to do something different, ya know, it really works.”

Watch the video interview with Wahlberg, above.

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