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5 Reasons Pacific Rim Is The Dream Movie For The Inner Geek Child

27 Apr

Pacific Rim (2013) - Poster

Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim hadn’t even officially released yet at the time of writing this article but there’s already a definitive line drawn in the critical consensus. Some in the blogosphere are hailing it as the second coming of kaiju, a giant spectacle that heals the sick and causes the blind to see, while others are expressing genuine disappointment over the fact that it’s one more hollow, action-soaked spectacle.

After seeing the film, it’s clear how both of those sentiments can exist together, and from a certain perspective, neither is wrong. The truth is that Pacific Rim doesn’t pretend to be anything it isn’t; the script and characters are worthy of a Saturday morning cartoon or a late-night b-movie, while the artistry and skill brought to the table, to say nothing of the hefty resources, give it a beauty this sort of premise never had before.

For those who grew up with giant robots, anime, man-in-suit monsters, or cheesy saber-rattling war films, Pacific Rim feels like a tribute to an entire childhood. If you can’t tap into that inner geek kid, then you might just want to put on headphones and watch the beautiful images. If you can summon that little runt and his gob smacked worldview, there’s a good chance you will have an immensely pleasing time at Pacific Rim.

There’s a reason your average geek type is freaking out over this, and it goes a bit further than the fact one of their prophets, Guillermo Del Toro, is at the helm. In fact, PR is the great leveler; if you have any geeky DNA at all, something in this overstuffed film is going to set those dormant senses tingling.

Now, lets countdown the top five reasons that Pacific Rim is that movie the inner geek child is gonna flip out for. SPOILER WARNING: Although there won’t be anything explicit talked about here, some of these list titles are spoilers themselves. So unless you do not intend to see the film, or don’t care, turn back until you have, then return, and discuss.

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