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Prince Features Dave Chappelle on New Single Cover Art

16 Dec

And now, for the the latest, greatest thing to come out of Prince‘s new Twitter presence: It’s Dave Chappelle, as Prince, on Prince’s new cover art.

The artist tweeted the artwork for his single “Breakfast Can Wait,” featuring Chappelle, the reclusive comedian who just made his return to stand-up, carrying a plate of pancakes while dressed as the Purple One, who he infamously impersonated on his Comedy Central sketch series, Chappelle’s Show, in 2004.

“Game: Blouses,” Prince wrote, also sharing a link to a snippet of the song.

The once notoriously anti-Net rocker – who declared that the “internet’s completely over” in a 2010 Daily Mirror interview – has clearly warmed to world of the interwebs. Since the Artist Formerly Known As began tweeting via @3rdEyeGirl – the account of his three-woman backing bad – just last week, he’s shared so-called selfies, safe life advice, some food porn, and a surprising amount of self-awareness.

And now, we know he appreciated Chappelle’s imitation as much as the rest of the world. So thanks, Twitter.

Relive the sketch in all its glory, below.

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