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Pizza Here! Expert Pies from the Fish Guy

12 Jun

Lox pizza

Lox pizza

Rumors about wonderful pizzas coming from Wellfleet, the FishGuy Market’s modest little BYO, sounded entirely plausible. Owner Bill Dugan enjoys a rabid following for Wellfleet’s lobster rolls and sushi, and the man knows more than just seafood. He and his chef, Janet Flores, have indeed mastered puffy, charred pies flicked with whatever aquatic treasures happen to strike their fancy. A recent masterpiece from their custom-built gas oven featured Dugan’s special house-cured lox and dill leaves atop soubise (creamy onion sauce) on a chewy-crisp crust reminiscent of Great Lake’s (RIP). It’s among the city’s best. 4423 N. Elston Ave., 773-283-7400.





BellyQ: The Latest from UrbanBelly’s Bill Kim

22 Aug

Bill Kim

Bill Kim got the Belly ball rolling in 2008 at UrbanBelly with his imaginative takes on noodles and dumplings. Belly Shack—an Asian-Latin fusion joint—followed a year later, and the boricua sandwich was born (think marinated tofu and miso sauce over crispy plantains). Now Kim can’t wait to get his hands on the new infrared grills and the Chinese water smoker at BellyQ, where he’ll sling modern interpretations of Asian barbecue for a house that seats upward of 200. Expect taste treats such as Chinese steamed buns served with Belly Bomb dipping sauce made with ghost chilies, which, according to Kim, are “at least ten times hotter than Scotch bonnet chilies.” He’s also concocted sauces called Belly Smoke (habañeros and chipotle) and Belly Fire (red serranos). Kim is probably working on Belly Blaze right now. 1400 W. Randolph St., 312-563-1010



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