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Tom Hanks: 10 Movie Moments That Prove His Greatness

19 Jan

Saving Private Ryan

Known best, perhaps, for playing down down-to-earth, regular Joes in the majority of his films, Tom Hanks is – unequivocally – an actor who knows how to pick his roles. Children know him as “that guy who voices Woody in Toy Story,” while Dan Brown enthusiasts can only picture Robert Langdon walking down the Louvre as Tom Hanks. And for those of us who have grown up with Mr. Hanks – whether in his rom-com days acting alongside Meg Ryan, or trying to turn a mischievous Dogue de Bordeaux into a live-action Scooby-Doo to hunt down his master’s killer – we’ve learnt to cherish the silly, bubblegum moments with the beautifully serious.

Hanks may not always wind up in the best movies, but what actor does? Even so, there are times when his acting abilities are capable of flooring us completely. In these particular moments, he may move us to tears, or stun us into such silence. Granted, such times have been few and far between in recent years, but his big return to the silver screen with Captain Phillips was a triumphant – plus his performance as Walt Disney in Saving Mr. Banks is also gaining much momentum among awards pundits.

So, in aid of his return to movie greatness, here are 10 movie moments that prove Tom Hanks is a cut above the rest…

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