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Whatever Happened To George Clooney’s Ex Sarah Larson?

2 Aug

George Clooney's Ex Sarah Larson Talks

George Clooney has loved ’em and left ’em so many times it’s hard to keep up.

With the recent (predictable) split between Hollywood’s hottest perpetual bachelor and leggy blonde former wrestler Stacy Keibler, it got us thinking…

Whatever happened to the other gorgeous-gammed brunette who was his ever-present red carpet arm candy years ago?

No, not Italian ex-girlfriend-turned-Dancing with the Stars contender Elisabetta Canalis. Go even farther back.

Remember, Sarah Larson?

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Celebuzz caught up with the stunning former model, now 34, who after dating GC for over a year (circa 2007-2008), ditched Hollywood for good – and took up a more anonymous job in an even more anonymous city.

“I’m the director for a medical spa in New York City. We do mostly aesthetics – hydro facials, oxygen facials, laser treatments.,” Larson told CB!

“And I still teach yoga part time on the side.

“I’ve been here for three years. I’ve always wanted to live here so I did it,” she added.

The last time the former Las Vegas cocktail waitress who was swept off her feet by the single superstar gave an interview was back in 2008, shortly after the pretty pair parted ways: “It was quick,” Larson told Access Hollywood of their break-up. “You know, break-ups are difficult, but people, you know, we move on, go onto other things.”

That she did.

And even five years later (and two more girlfriends for Clooney) she still gets the occasional spotting as the girl who used to date Tinseltown’s most famous bachelor.

“It happens. But it’s very rare that I come across it,” she said.

Yet it doesn’t bother her at all: “It’s the past, it is what it is.”

And she has no intention of revisiting it.

“I have no plan for acting. I’ve settled in with what I’m doing now,” said Larson. “I’m not going to pursue the acting thing.

“The spotlight is not for me. I don’t enjoy it.”

And her lips are still sealed when it comes to her famous flame, as she said once before soon after they split: “I haven’t spoken with him in a very long time,” she told Access. “Not necessarily that there’s hard feelings but we just haven’t, you know, the same thing. When you break-up, it’s difficult but you move on.”

Words to live by, Stacy.

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