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SHARON OSBOURNE: I Had A “Fling” With JAY LENO Before I Got Married

17 Jun

In recent Hollywood news, SHARON OSBOURNE has revealed that she once had a “fling” with JAY LENO before she got married to rock legend OZZY OSBOURNE.


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Sharon Osbourne has been fending off divorce rumors over the past few months as she and her rocker husband deal with his drug relapse, but that wasn’t what she talked about on Monday’s episode of “The Talk.”

In fact… she didn’t even talk about her husband! Instead, Mrs. Ozzy decided to share a juicy story from her past, which involved having a fling with now-famous late night talk show host, Jay Leno.

Before launching into the story, Sharon clarified that she in no way cheated on Ozzy with Jay, because they weren’t in a relationship yet at the time:

“Remember, at 25, I had met my husband but we weren’t together. We were just friends… So, I’m here, [and] I didn’t have a boyfriend… I never did date a lot at that time anyway because I was not very dateable.”

After talking about how she first laid eyes on Leno in a club and how she thought he was “very nice” and “very funny,” Sharon then shared that the fling actually began with some prank calls-she had gotten his phone number from her friend who worked at the club, and proceeded to call him. She shared:

“He liked my voice and I kept calling. I said I had the wrong number but I kept talking with my English accent.”

Eventually, the two met face to face:

“He actually came to my house and met me and we had a little fling.”

Unfortunately, Sharon ended up getting dumped (sort of) after Jay introduced her to the “real love of his life”:

“The fling was more of a fling for me and not fling enough for him because a couple of months later he brought around the real love of his life for me to meet, and she was lovely and they took me to Fatburger and showed me around town.”

Following the anecdote, the British TV host then revealed that the man she had an affair with was in fact Jay Leno, who married the “real love of his life”-his now-wife, Mavis Nicholson-a few years after his “fling” with Osbourne.

When co-host Julie Chen asked Sharon if she and Jay actually had sex, she responded:

“It was so long ago I can’t remember! One cannot remember that long ago.”

Sharon Osbourne and Jay Leno? What do you think of that pairing?

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