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‘The Duchess Diary’- Come Take A Look At My Royal Trinkets

4 Feb

Oh hey guys. Most of you are probably wondering what kind souvenirs I’ve collected of the House of Windsor.

You’re in luck, because I’m about to blow your mind. I’m like Ariel without the hoarding problem (for now).

CELEBUZZ editor and trinkets enthusiast Alana Altmann indulged me by asking about The Duchess Diary‘s “royal collection,” a vast array of worthless stuff amazing knick-knacks.

There are royal-themed nail lacquers from Butter London, books from The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles, and so much more.

‘The Duchess Diary’ Wraps Up A Week Of Royal Happenings

19 Dec

While Catherine and Prince George are tucked away at Bucklebury Manor, the Duke of Cambridge attended the Anglesey Show in Wales. There, he thanked everyone for being so welcoming, and bid farewell to the place he and Catherine called home for the past three years.

What else have we to say about the royals this week? Watch the video and see for yourself.

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