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7 Best Action Movie Beatdowns Of 2013

21 Feb

Warner Bros

Warner Bros

We go to action movies for one thing above all else: the action, which of course can include gratuitous violence, righteous killing, and memorable beatdowns. And it is the latter of that lot that we will focus on in this look back at the bloodiest fight scenes of 2013.

But fighting is not enough to qualify on this list: for a beatdown to really land its haymaker punches, it has to involve a total loss of inhibitions and style – for one or both of the combatants to lose themselves entirely in the violent moment, and dole out a beating to their opponent. It is sharp, bloody violence and bone-crunching authenticity that makes those scenes stand out most.

It’s watching people take a beating no person should ever take or watching two men or women revert back to pure animal instincts to pound some sense into one another. Scenes like the first fight between Brad Pitt and Edward Norton in Fight Club or when Sylvester Stallone is demolished by Steve Austin at the end of The Expendables – or in other words, the movie fights where you feel every punch with visceral impact.

These beatdowns are usually so brutal and pack so much emotional weight that it’s almost refreshing to walk away from them, and we have compiled the best examples from 2013 films.

Naturally, there will be some spoilers involved.

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