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5 Things We Learn From Watching WWE

26 Apr


As one of the weekly contributors to the wrestling side of, I watch professional wrestling, especially the WWE, everyday. I enjoy the product, and watching it with a few friends and family does make it all the more exciting, but one thing is always on my mind: does everyone watch wrestling like I do? Or are there any other ways by which my readers watch wrestling?

As a fan of WWE myself, I read between the lines and watch every segment twice or thrice, just to understand it perfectly and analyze the future the segment has and the effect it had on the show. However, some fans watch it like normal fans and forget it the next night, and that’s perfectly fine. However, does anyone here learn from wrestling?

I, for one, believe that the WWE teaches us a lot of things. However, the bigger question is this – are you willing to learn? The WWE is a wonderful place which can teach us multiple lessons, like a story book. Do the viewers want to learn?

The following are some lessons that you should inculcate from watching a random episode of Monday Night Raw, Friday Night Smackdown, or a pay-per-view….

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