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NICOLE SCHERZINGER Slammed By Pussycat Doll KAYA JONES: She’s A Diva!

9 Oct

NICOLE SCHERZINGER was slammed by her former fellow Pussycat Doll member KAYA JONES, who insisted Scherzinger was a spotlight-hogging diva.


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Nicole Scherzinger made celebrity news this week for clips of her VH1 special, “Behind The Music,” in which she talked about her past with bulimia and self-harm as well as the fact that she sang 95% of the vocals in The Pussycat Dolls’ studio album, “PCD.”

Now a former member of the famous pop group, Kaya Jones, who performed in the group with Nicole from 2003-2006 is speaking out, claiming that there was a bigger reason behind the new “X Factor UK” judge’s front woman role.

Kaya told TMZ:

Nicole was always someone who wanted to be in the spotlight and would do pretty much anything to get it.”

She didn’t deny or confirm the singing claim but in the defense of the other “dolls” that Nicole collectively dissed in the video, Kaya said:

“To call the other girls in the Pussycat Dolls ‘window dressings’ is a bit farfetched … every girl in the group was talented.”

Do you think Nicole was simply being a diva?

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