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‘RHOC’ Season Finale Recap: Vicki’s Loyalty Is Tested

6 Nov

Can the real Vicki Gunvalson please stand up? There must be a reason why this pod person has invaded Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Orange County star this past episode. All season, we’ve seen Vicki dish out the zingers, just as she’s received them from her fellow co-stars. During the show’s finale, Vicki seemed to morph into another person, as her son-in-law Ryan Culbertson became a total tool and a half during her winter wonderland party with Lydia McLaughlin‘s mom.

During the party, Ryan had a little run in with Lydia’s pot-smoking mother, Judy Stirling, who made the cardinal mistake of asking who he was! It seems Judy kicked her heels up on Vicki’s couch, and Ryan was not amused by it. The marine was less thrilled when Judy started to grill him, resulting in Ryan hurling insults and threatening to throw her out of the party. Stand down soldier! Look, we get it wasn’t cool of Mama Judy to have her feet up on someone’s furniture, but Ryan’s acting as if he caught Judy lighting up a joint in baby Troy’s room.

As soon as Vicki heard all about the dust up, she assured Lydia and Judy she was more than welcome to stay. Vicki told them she would have a little chitchat with her daughter’s hubby about his behavior, but it appeared as though she was a bit scared to do it. When Vicki confronted Ryan about his actions, all he could say was that Judy was disrespecting the house and Vicki. He felt she needed to back him up, since he was family. Come on Vicki, you’ve gone toe-to-toe with someone for less than that. Don’t let Ryan and your daughter Briana guilt trip you!

Later, Vicki, Lydia, Alexis Bellino, Heather Dubrow, and Tamra Barney joined forces to tell Gretchen Rossi and her less than stellar fianc Slade Smiley just what they thought of his comments regarding women. Of course, the gruesome twosome maintained Slade’s comments to Vicki were in retaliation to what she’s done, while Slade was being playful about remarks he made about Lydia’s weight. The women lambasted Gretchen for going along with Slade, since she was a female herself. They’ve gotcha there Gretchen.

How can you condone a man putting a woman’s looks down? We know Slade’s your man, but come on now. You can support your man, but also put him in his place. Yes, love is blind. but it isn’t Helen Keller, Gretchen! It is time Slade takes a trip to the time out corner before he gets you both into more schoolyard showdowns.

Buzz Moments

OMG!: Ryan trashing Vicki’s man in front of her enemies Gretchen and Slade. Dude, you talk about loyalty but you aren’t doing the same consorting with Vicki’s nemisis.

Thank you, TV gods.: Vicki’s brother telling Ryan off. If she wasn’t going to, someone needed to.

Awk-ward: Tamra and Gretchen’s reunion. How strained was that?

Hotness: Vicki’s house. Her pad looked amazing.

Fab-u-lous: Lydia going head-to-head with Slade. She wasn’t taking any of his crap and let him know it. Go girl!

Can. Not. Wait.: For the reunion! There’s bound to be some catfight.

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 8

Was Ryan wrong for his behavior? Were the women too hard on Gretchen for Slade’s actions? Sound off below!

– Jillian Bowe

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