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WWE RAW Review 7/22/2013: 5 Things We Learned

12 Aug


We are a week removed from the 2013 WWE Money In The Bank PPV, and we are now well on our way towards WWE’s next major PPV, SummerSlam. This event is considered one of the Big 4 PPV events of the year; so, getting this show right is very, very important. Here are 5 things we learned on this week’s RAW broadcast that helped to propel us towards the SummerSlam PPV:

5. CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar at Summerslam 2013: It’s On!

The Best In The World challenges The Beast Incarnate, and The Beast accepts! On behalf of his client Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman appeared via satellite to accept CM Punk’s challenge for SummerSlam against Brock Lesnar. Lesnar himself was notably absent from last night’s telecast, but that’s just fine considering the lasting effect he’s had from his brutal exchange with Punk last week.

CM Punk continues to do the absolute best promo work of his career, and this week even without Paul Heyman in the ring with him, Punk convinced us all that he is ready to take the fight to Brock Lesnar, and he will not back down from The Beast. Punk sold some PPV buys last night, and he is on a roll as we work towards SummerSlam.

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WWE RAW Reaction 18/02/13 – CM Punk Still Has No Wrestlemania Match

27 May

CM Punk 2

He’s here! He’s here! The Undertaker is back! Hurray! The CM Punk situation is fixed … Oh wait, no it isn’t.

No big return this week for the Dead Man means Punk gets thrown into the WWE Championship situation and a match at next week’s show to determine the real number 1 contender.

Either Undertaker shows up next week or Punk’s getting in on the main event. It’s that simple. Let’s hope ‘Taker drags Punk to Hell and gives us something to look forward to for a few weeks.

Don’t fall of your chair with surprise but ring action was nothing spectacular again this week. The All American Racist Jack Swagger defeated Daniel Bryan in the match of the night while further seeds were sown for a Sheamus and Ryback match as The Shield again defeated them both and Chris Jericho in a 6 man tag.

Who would you rather see as the Heel in a Ryback Sheamus feud?

Vince McMahon challenged Paul Heyman to a fight next week. To quote Tony Schivone: “That’ll put asses in seats”. The whole thing stinks of a set up to bring back Brock Lesnar and set up Triple H and him at ‘Mania.

If someone has pitched The World’s Strongest Man against The Great Khali at Wrestlemania then they seriously need to be sacked. And beaten. Full Metal Jacket style with soap in a sock. Mark Henry has squashed Khali countless times so why would a match at ‘Mania make any difference?

The Miz beat Antonio Cesaro by tap out. Moving on.

Randy Orton tried to bring the evil out in Kane again. Are creative really going to pair these two men up again for a second Wrestlemania in a row?

Dolph Ziggler failed to steal the show AGAIN as he ended up tapping out AGAIN to Alberto Del Rio. Sigh.

Where are they going with Wade Barrett? Is he feuding with the guy off NXT or what? The Barrett Barrage has lost all steam.

Ooooh The Hip Hop Hippos were in action again. This time Primo and Epico were squashed by Brodus Clay and Tensai. No surprise there then. The Colon family need to get released and go somewhere they’re treat with the respect they deserve – Paging Carlito Caribbean Cool.

Brad Maddox has a new job. He’s Vickie Guerrero’s assistant. I guess WWE decided he really was just too small to be a wrestler. Idiots.

What’s with all the movie trailers? More over, what’s with all the trailers for horrible movies made by WWE’s crappy film department?

R Truth saved Kofi Kingston from a beat down and a career lull in general. Looks like Rhodes Scholars and Truth/Kofi will be feuding shortly.

The other big news this week was The Rock unveiling a new WWE Championship belt. I don’t know about anyone else but I like it. The stupid spinning title had long ago served its purpose and was hideously out dated. It fit John Cena’s gimmick. Anyone else just looked stupid. It was always only ever a cheap trick to sell belts to kids at the merchandise stands and man did it work.

I don’t think I’m alone when I say I’d expect far more from the first show of the Wrestlemania run. Elimination Chamber has been and gone so the whole focus now needs to be on selling the biggest PPV of the wrestling year to fans old and new alike and this wasn’t the way to do it. I guess Wrestlemania season starts next week.

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