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10 X-Men Characters That Deserve Their Own Movie

5 Jun


The sixth movie in the X-Men franchise, The Wolverine, recently opened across cinema screens worldwide. Directed by James Mangold, Hugh Jackman returns to his role of the Canadian mutant, stuck in unfamiliar territory. Summoned by an old friend and stripped of his powers, Wolverine’s brutal conflict takes place in Japan, as he deals with the threatening force of the deadly samurai, and his plaguing inner demons.

The Wolverine does a pretty decent job of continuing the X-Men franchise, but it’s time to really shift the focus elsewhere. Sure enough, Days of Future Past boasts the largest cast of any X-Men movie to date, but it’s time Fox Studios finally drifted away from team movies. If they plan to further expand their own X-Men cinematic universe, then they need to expand on their ideas. They need to dispose of typical superhero genre conventions, and take the route that Marvel Studios are so successfully employing, by splitting up characters into their own respective genres.

If they were to follow the same strategy, then there are plenty of X-Men for them to adapt. Most mutants have supported their own comic series before, and have been the main highlights of the cartoons and movies. So now, it’s really about time that other X-Men characters get the spotlight. Let’s see the Mojoverse in all of its glory. Let’s see Dazzler reach disco stardom.

So without further ado, here is a list of 10 X-Men characters that rightfully deserve their very own movie…

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