Doctor Who: 6 Reasons It’s A Good Thing That The New Doctor Falls In Love

5 Aug

Doctor Who Doctor River

It’s a pretty common opinion among fans of Classic Who, and among the more impassioned section of the non-shipper fanbase, that the Doctor shouldn’t fall in love. That it doesn’t make sense for him to fall in love. That any romance is “forced,” or “fake,” or even “stupid.”

There’s some merit in this idea. An aesexual alien challenges a lot of the ideas we have about romance. An alien whose idea of love is purely platonic is an interesting concept.

Mind you, the first Doc was traveling with his granddaughter. Trying to find her a non-biologically-related role overlooks that basic fact. And he’s said on multiple occasions that he’s had kids. But never mind…

So, back to the Doctor being a romantic hero. There is a danger that, by being a romantic object, the Doctor could be turned into a standard packaged “handsome prince” type.

Actually, I take that back: he’s the Doctor. He’ll always be the Doctor. He can’t stop being the Doctor, he can only add to it.

Essentially-and correct me if I’m wrong, and I know you will-the argument about whether the Doctor should be in love is about whether the Doctor, the character we all know and love, is a person who could fall in love. Is he somehow above, or just sideways of romantic/sexual love? Is romantic love forcing him to be relatable, thus destroying his Doctorness?

For some people, their personal opinions say yes. Mine says no. Here’s why:

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Premier League Betting Tips 21/22 September

4 Aug

Media Image Ltd

Media Image Ltd

I was 3/4 last weekend with only Chelsea letting me down. Manchester United and Arsenal were comfortable winners as predicted whilst Sunday’s tip of under 2.5 goals between Southampton and West Ham was more than safe at 0-0.

Premier League sides performed well in Europe midweek with 5 of the 6 teams winning. Manchester United (4-2), Manchester City (3-0), Swansea City (3-0) and Tottenham Hotspur (3-0) all won by at least 2 goals too. Chelsea were shocked at home, losing 2-1 to Swiss Super League side FC Basel.

Returning to domestic action, Chelsea host Fulham in Saturday evening’s televised game with Jos Mourinho looking to break this two-game losing streak.

To start the weekend, Norwich City host Aston Villa kickoff the action with both sides recording only 1 win in their opening four games.

Returning from Marseille midweek, Arsenal host Stoke City looking to extend their 6-game winning streak in all competitions. North London rivals Tottenham Hotspur had a home game against weak opposition Thursday and return to domestic action at Cardiff on Sunday.

The most-anticipated game of the weekend sees Manuel Pellegrini and David Moyes participate in their first Manchester derby as the blue half of Manchester hosts the defending Premier League champions.

If you’re looking to have a punt on the Premier League this weekend, here are a few tips:

Newcastle vs Hull City Saturday 21 September 15:00

* Newcastle have won their last two Premier League games

* Hatem Ben Arfa has scored in each of Newcastle’s last two games and put in a good performance in both

* Tim Krul has conceded just 1 goal in his last 3 Premier League games combined

* Hull City have lost both away game and not scored in either of these to start their season

* Striker Danny Graham has gone 20 Premier League games since he last scored

* Maynor Figueroa is absent and Paul McShane is injured in defence

Recommended bet: Newcastle to win 5/6 Paddy Power ( 50 Free Bet)

West Ham vs Everton Saturday 21 September 15:00

* West Ham failed to score in any of their last 3 Premier League games

* Jussi J skel inen has kept 3 clean sheets in his first 4 games to start the season

* West Ham have had just 6 shots on target in their opening 4 games combined – the lowest in the Premier League

* Everton have kept 3 consecutive clean sheets

* Steven Naismith’s goal against Chelsea was the only goal for or against Everton in their last 3 Premier League games

* Romelu Lukaku available to make his Everton debut

Recommended bet: Under 2.5 goals 4/5 Skybet

Cardiff City vs Tottenham Hotspur Sunday 22 September 16:00

* First choice Cardiff goalkeeper David Marshall a doubt having missed last weekend’s game

* Cardiff’s defending of Tom Huddlestone’s right wing cross for Hull City’s goal was poor last weekend

* Fraizer Campbell has looked like their only real goalscoring threat in first few games

* Tottenham boast a wealth of attacking talent – Roberto Soldado, Christian Eriksen, Gylfi Sigurdsson, Erik Lamela, Andros Townsend, Nacer Chadli and Paulinho all good in attack

* Tottenham have conceded just 1 goal in their 7 games in all competitions this season, winning 6 of 7

* Tottenham’s Europa League game on Thursday night was at home and against an opponent that barely caused Andr Villas-Boas’ side to break sweat

Recommended bet: Tottenham to win 10/11 Skybet

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Star Trek: Unproduced Stories That Were Never Filmed

4 Aug

Star Trek The Beginning

With Star Trek celebrating its 47th anniversary this month, now is the perfect time to reflect on what could have been. With 6 television incarnations, 12 movies and a seemingly never ending series of novels it could be argued that at somewhere or at sometime every story has been told in the Trek universe.

Au contraire gentle reader!

Today we take a look at stories that were envisioned, but never got past the conceptual stage…


Screen Shot 2013 09 20 At 14 44 18

In Gene Rodenberry’s first draft proposal, “Star Trek is….” He proposed an episode called Kongo, where Uhura and Dr. McCoy encounter a planet where roles have been reversed and black people have enslaved whites. Star Trek writer David Gerrold said, “As a matter of fact, the idea was one that very definitely had been considered. A script version had even been written. And rewritten. And rewritten. The story involved a planet where blacks were the masters and whites were the slaves, but either the premise was too touchy for television or nobody could quite make it work..”

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5 More Harry Potter Spin-Offs Potterheads Want To See

3 Aug

Potter Poster

As a self-confessed, diagnosed and all round Potterhead, I felt inspired to write an article after reading an article on WhatCulture about 5 Spin Offs that should be made in light of Rowling’s announcement that a movie would be made based on the life and adventures of Newt Scammander, the author of “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”. The announcement has set the Potterworld on fire which has mostly been subdued sine the release of the final film and the announcement of Pottermore. The latest movie announcement has roused up the Potter fan-base, which is one of the biggest in the world, and has a very strong hardcore contingent that will seemingly follow Rowling to the end of the world to get another taste of the Potter franchise.

With the Potterverse now expended to include not only the main books and movies, but also a theme park, several video games, an online interactive experience as well as additional book content and now a movie that takes place outside the main narrative. Still Potterheads are hungry for more content, and while Rowling seems hesitant, she seems to once again be obliging her fans with the creation of the Scammander movie.

Following on from the previously mentioned article, this is a list of 5 more spin offs that JK Rowling should make with under the Harry Potter franchise.

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10 Villains Who Were Completely Screwed By Movie Adaptations

3 Aug

Gladiator Tongue

Even when it’s claiming to be showing us films that are “based on a true story” or “real events,” Hollywood basically just steam-rolls over the traditional notion of the truth, without concern for the impact on reality, history or literature. And why wouldn’t they?

After all, who cares about the source – whether historical or textual – when lying is so much more delightful?

Oliver Stone basically made up a whole world of lies for his version of the JFK assassination theory, Zulu turned teetotal, honourable hero Henry Hook into a drunken malingerer and Rudy turned Dan Dein – the man behind Rudy’s selection – into a pantomime villain who was overruled by his squad.

But these crimes in the name of fiction are far from the only examples: across many genres and multiple stories, characters who were basically either heroes or misunderstood in their original form have been royally screwed by Hollywood’s quest for a “better story.”

Stories have been retold, and for most of the characters on this list, myths have been wrongly built on those lies, meaning the “truth” we all now wholly accept is invariably based on great big fibs. Every single one of these victims has been pushed through a malevolent mangle and come out the other side in a totally different, far more nasty form.

And some of them are basically good guys.

Honourable Mention

Mark Zuckerberg – The Social Network

The Social Network

Facebook is great: it allows users to find old friends and look at their holiday photos, or reconnect with old flames, and look at their holiday photos, or even discover new friends, and look at their holiday photos. But The Social Network told the story of a socially awkward, downright nasty nerd who invented the site, propelled by romantic rejection, and basically just a bad egg.

However you feel about Mark Zuckerberg, the reality is probably some way off what The Social Network claimed – especially the part about his ex inspiring the entire thing.

But, let’s be honest, Zuckerberg might just deserve some of the heat, imagined or otherwise, because he invented Facebook, and then has the temerity to reinvent it every couple of months just as his self-righteous users are getting used to the last round of changes.

And that’s to say nothing of the spurious privacy practices that see your inane and useless conversations and Likes sold to the highest bidder. Allegedly.

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Lauren Conrad Goes Shopping With Her Engagement Ring In El Lay

2 Aug

Shopping is so much more fun with your brand new engagement ring in tow!

Lauren Conrad hit up Urban Outfitters in El Lay on Sunday, looking California cool in dark wash skinnies and a fuzzy white sweater with sleeves just long enough to cover her new bling from fiance William Tell.

But we still got a peek! And we’re happy to report it’s as shiny as ever!

LC’s other awesome — though not as awesome — accessories included a Miu Miu shoulder bag and scalloped Chloe flats.

Congrats again and again, Lauren!

[Image via AKM-GSI.]

Miranda Kerr Sets The Stylin’ Pace In NYC

2 Aug

You know Miranda Kerr means serious business when she hits the streets in flats!

The leggy supermodel made strides in NYC on Monday wearing an easy-going outfit consisting of light blue skinny jeans and a black blouse.

Yet, she still put everyone else to shame with her texture-centric accessories, like her suede Balmain purse and calf-hair Balenciaga flats!

Not even her thrown up ponytail could bring this look down!

Guess that all comes naturally when you’re professionally gorgeous!!

[Image via Pacific Coast News.]

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