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Happy Birthday, Mr. President

27 Jul

It’s no secret that President Barack Obama has a lot of friends in Hollywood.

Leading up to the big election last November, dozens of famous faces took part in campaign rallies, concerts and fundraisers (all hail Beyonce and Jay Z) to support the president’s bid for a second term.

On Sunday, Obama turns 52 years young, and in honor of his birthday, Celebuzz is taking a look at some of the stars the P.O.T.U.S. has rubbed shoulders with.

According to The Associated Press, the commander in chief will be spending part of his birthday at Camp David in Maryland before returning to the White House in the afternoon.

Obama will travel to the west coast this week to visit troops at Camp Pendleton, discuss plans to help homeowners and drop by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno for an appearance on Aug. 6.

Launch the gallery, above, for 10 photos of President Barack Obama posing with celebrities.

PSY Performs Christmas Version Of “Gangnam Style” For PRESIDENT OBAMA (VIDEO)

26 Dec

In recent entertainment news, PSY performed a fun Christmas version of his worldwide dance hit “Gangnam Style” for PRESIDENT OBAMA and his family at the “Christmas in Washington” concert, which aired over the weekend.

psy christmas style2

Proving that he was no longer anti-American, a red-clad Psy performed in front of the Obama family at this year’s annual “Christmas in Washington” concert special held at the National Building Museum, which we saw when it aired on Friday.

And to freshen up his massive hit, “Gangnam Style,” the Korean superstar changed the lyrics such as “sexy lady” with “Santa baby” and “Gangnam style” with ”Christmas style.”

Oh, and he starts it off by displaying a little sense of humor.

Watch his special holiday performance below:

Photo Via Video Screen Grab

Cynthia Nixon Says Sex And The City Gals Would NEVER ‘Ever Vote For Mitt Romney’

6 Nov

Cynthia Nixon has already endorsed Barack Obama, but while campaigning for him in Florida last week, she assured that the rest of the Sex & The City gals would too.

Sarah Jessica Parker has made her opinion very clear, but in this case, Nixon was referring to the characters on the hit HBO show and explained:

“I know that there are women who support him, and it’s hard for me to understand, but certainly Miranda nor Carrie nor Charlotte nor Samantha, none of those women would ever vote for Mitt Romney. They would do something terrible first before they would ever vote for Mitt Romney.”

How terrible? This terrible:

“I think Miranda Hobbes would rather shoot herself in the head than vote for Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney is so terrible on women’s issues.”

If Romney wins on Tuesday, we hope they don’t let Cynthia Nixon write the next SATC movie! We do NOT want to see Miranda pull the trigger.

When she wasn’t bashing Romney’s policies, the openly bisexual actress praised Obama for his support of the LGBT community, calling him “the first gay president.” She added:

“You know, everybody used to say about Bill Clinton that he was the first African-American president, but I think that Barack Obama is the first gay president. My wife and I got married this May – and I know it took him a little while to get there, but the fact that he came out fully for marriage equality for all Americans – we’ve never had a president come anywhere close to that. And I know that if we can keep him in there for another four years, we’re gonna see the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act.”

We can only hope!

If U support equality, get out and VOTE for it on Tuesday!

[Image via WENN.]

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