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Happy Birthday, Mr. President

27 Jul

It’s no secret that President Barack Obama has a lot of friends in Hollywood.

Leading up to the big election last November, dozens of famous faces took part in campaign rallies, concerts and fundraisers (all hail Beyonce and Jay Z) to support the president’s bid for a second term.

On Sunday, Obama turns 52 years young, and in honor of his birthday, Celebuzz is taking a look at some of the stars the P.O.T.U.S. has rubbed shoulders with.

According to The Associated Press, the commander in chief will be spending part of his birthday at Camp David in Maryland before returning to the White House in the afternoon.

Obama will travel to the west coast this week to visit troops at Camp Pendleton, discuss plans to help homeowners and drop by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno for an appearance on Aug. 6.

Launch the gallery, above, for 10 photos of President Barack Obama posing with celebrities.

Most Iconic VMA Moments: Beyoncé Puts Her ‘Love on Top’ and Makes a Huge Announcement

10 Jul

Is Beyonc ‘s 2011 performance of “Love on Top” the greatest VMA performance ever? In anticipation of the 2013 MTV VMA ceremony on August 25, we want you to help us name the most iconic VMA moment ever. We’ve selected five of the most memorable performances; vote for your favorite below. Continue reading after the poll for more Beyonc goodies. Return each day this week for a new feature on each of the performances. You may vote once per day.

Return next week to vote for your favorite VMA fashion moment. Then, the week of August 12, we wil ask you to vote for your favorite VMA scandal. And now… it’s voting time!

Hold Onto Your Baby Bumps While We Recall Beyonc ‘s Epic “Love on Top” Performance

Beyonc is one of the greatest performers of our generation, and this is a fact. She brings an incredible, unwavering intensity to her sets, both short and long. Her performance of 4 highlight “Love on Top” at the 2011 VMAs was no exception.

She breezed through the song, hitting every note perfectly. She worked the stage, holding every person in the audience – and every person watching on TV – captive. It was a joyous performance, full of life and energy. And when I say it was “full of life,” I mean that in a very literal way.

Until Queen Bey hit the VMA red carpet earlier that night, no one knew she was pregnant. And even by the time she took the stage, word wasn’t completely out to the masses. So you can imagine (or remember) what happened when, upon finishing the song, Bey silently announced, with the unbuttoning of her jacket and a fierce look in her eyes, that she was expecting her first child.

This was probably the most talked-about moment of the night, and to consider how big a feat that is, please remember that Lady Gaga spent the entire evening in character as her male alter ego, Jo Calderone. Greatest ending to a performance ever? That’s up to you to decide. But if you’re still unsure, just remember how you felt when the camera cut to proud papa Jay-Z and an ecstatic Kanye West. You, like everyone else, felt a wave of happiness rush over you – don’t even try to deny it. Those who weren’t already on their feet rose instantly. #BowDown

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite iconic VMA performance above. Return each day this week to vote again – and for a new feature on the other performances.

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The Power of Beysus Christ Compels You!

14 Mar

I saw Beyonc perform live in August, and it was mind-blowing – don’t get me wrong – but I’m feeling a bit miffed that I was not invited backstage to lay hands upon her holy form. I really could have used the excuse to never wash my hands again. Plus, that’s a Facebook profile pic you can’t beat! So many “likes” that never will be… Well, that’s fine, Queen Bey. Maybe next time. And until we cross paths again, we have today’s winning captions to bring truth and goodness into our lives.

“The power of Christ compels you!” – Rebecca

“OUT you sasha fierce spirit” – Stella

“She’s gonna need more kids than that to hold up her over inflated ego.” – Mark

“i swear if you lay your hand anywhere near my business, you’ll be saying a whole new prayer!!” – Katie

Congrats to our winners! Visit our Facebook page for a new Caption Contest each and every weekday. It’s never too late to add a caption, so do so in the comments!

6 Stories You May Have Missed

6 Feb

Ryan Gosling Turned Down Fifty Shades of Grey Role

Sorry to break it to you, ladies. The Hollywood hunk reportedly passed up on the part of kinky businessman Christian Grey – which eventually went to Charlie Hunnam – for film adaptation of E L James’ famous novel. Find out why he didn’t want to be to star in the erotic flick on Huffington Post.

Harry Styles Deems Miley Cyrus’ VMAs Performance “Inappropriate”

It looks like the One Direction singer isn’t too thrilled with Cyrus’ twerk-happy performance at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. Hearts & Foxes has the scoop.

Justin Bieber Involved In Internet Hoax

The singer has been a victim of a cruel prank after a profanity-filled song allegedly recorded by Biebs leaked online. See how his camp is reacting to the whole ordeal on TMZ.

Beyonce Has Interesting Ideas On What “Boat Shoes” Are

Forget rubber soles, Queen B wants sky-high heels whenever she’s hitting the high seas. Take a look a the $1,595 designer booties she wore during a recent yachting trip on Us Weekly.

Jeanette McCurdy Dating NBA Player After Meeting On Twitter

The former iCarly actress has been spotted canoodling with Andrea Drummond after the pair exchanged flirty messages on Twitter last month. See their new adorable couples Instagram photos on Gossip Cop.

Katy Perry (Finally) Ends Robin Thicke’s Hot 100 Reign

Hear her “Roar,” indeed. The pop star has finally dethroned Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” after the song sat at the No. 1 spot for 12 weeks straight. Get the full story on Idolator.

Beyoncé Wishes Michelle Williams a Happy Birthday

3 Oct

Beyonce Wishes Michelle Williams Happy Birthday

Today is Michelle Williams‘ 33rd birthday. To celebrate, Beyonc (who is only 31, a fact she never forgets) posted this picture on Facebook. The picture is from the good old days of Destiny’s Child, a rare photo in which Beyonc is not the focus.

Michelle Williams is, of course, the third of Destiny’s children. The one who forgot the “Single Ladies” dance at the Super Bowl. You know, Whazzername.

After posting the picture, Beyonc goes to check her email and notices an unread evite marked “Michelle’s Birthday Dinner at Applebee’s!!!” With a quick eye roll, Beyonc clicks “no” and goes on with her day.

Beyonce and Jay Z Show Their Support for Trayvon Martin at NYC Rally

17 Aug

The king and queen of music had one name on their minds Saturday morning: Trayvon Martin.

One week after a Florida jury acquitted George Zimmerman of murder and manslaughter charges, Beyonce Knowles and Jay Z joined protestors in New York City to kick off a nationwide rally in support of the slain teenager.

Martin’s mother Sybrina Fulton was also at Manhattan rally, along with Rev. Al Sharpton.

[Photo courtesy of Rev. Al Sharpton/Twitter]

“Justice for Trayvon” rallies took place in some 100 cities across the country.

The day before, Beyonce asked her fans to sign a petition asking the Department of Justice to open a civil rights cast against Zimmerman.

“We are still struggling with the issue of inequality and the lack of value for a black man’s life. Trayvon Martin’s most basic civil right, the right to live, was violated,” she wrote on her website.

“We have made so much progress and cannot allowed hatred and racism to divide us. When we all join together, people of all races, we have the power to change the world we live in.”

More than 588,000 people have signed the petition so far.

Beyoncé’s Life Is But a Dream: What to Serve at Your Viewing Party

10 May

The “Countdown” has begun!

Beyoncé’s HBO documentary, Life Is But a Dream, airs Saturday night (9 p.m. ET) – and we can’t think of a better time or occasion to throw a “Party.”

If you’re hosting friends, you’re going to need the following: dance moves, Kleenex and something to munch on (doing the “Uh-Oh,” after all, works up an appetite).

Though we can’t really help you with the first one and tissue is easy to come by, we do have suggestions on what to serve your guests on Beyoncé Night:

You can take the girl out of Texas but you can’t take the Texas out of the girl, which is probably why Houston native is a fan of guacamole, a Tex-Mex staple. “I love avocado,” she has said. “It’s one of my healthy snack favorites.” USA Today has her super-easy recipe.

It’s no secret that Beyoncé sticks to lean protein like egg whites, turkey and Yellowtail sashimi and healthy snacks like edamame to keep her incredible figure, but we also know she likes to enjoy more indulgent meals. In her PEOPLE cover story as World’s Most Beautiful Woman, the superstar revealed her perfect Sunday – and it includes pizza, red wine and watching HBO. Perfect for your party!

When she’s on tour, her hospitality rider offers another option: juicy baked chicken legs, wings and breasts, heavily seasoned with fresh garlic, season salt, black and cayenne pepper. She also requests a turkey deli tray with assorted cheeses and veggies with low fat dip to snack on.

As for side dishes, why not make another favorite, her mom’s "life-changing" green beans. “It is the most tasty, delicious dish,” she says. “And it’s green beans, so you don’t feel too guilty about eating them. They taste like steak!”

And if you’re not into pizza or cooking on a Saturday night, there’s always her favorite fast food: Popeyes chicken and biscuits.

Take your pick when it comes to desserts. Beyonce told Cosmo she loves butter pecan ice cream. She’s also posted pictures of cake and other decadent sweets on her Tumblr blog, as well as healthy options like strawberries and watermelon.

Also featured in photos on her site? Booze. In addition to wine, Beyoncé, who was seen sipping champagne at a Grammys bash, apparently likes beer (at basketball games) and margaritas. What Texas girl wouldn’t?

Have fun eating, drinking and watching Life Is But a Dream!

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