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Bruce Willis Depicts What It’s Like to Attend a Press Junket

1 Oct

I’ve attended a few press junkets in my career, and only a handful of times have I walked away from them thinking, “Hey, that was fun!” (Thank you again, Colin Firth!)

That’s because junkets are, for the most part, a very stressful experience. Even when they’re held in lavish cities around the world, journalists are still herded around like speed daters who can only ask a few basic questions that have about as much intellectual meaning as a Taylor Swift song. Even worse, you know well ahead of time that nobody is going to want to answer your questions, because they’ve already answered them to the 60-plus journalists who sat down before you. All you can really do is be polite and try not make the three-to-five minutes about you, and then call your friends afterward and tell them about the weird hour you just spent at some fancy Midtown hotel.

Once in awhile, however, a journalist will think that the celebrity they are interviewing actually wants to be there to talk to you – yes, you! – and then everything sort of falls apart. Such was the case for one very chipper reporter at the junket for Red 2, where he faced off against a very tough Bruce Willis thinking that Bruce Willis, a man whose career has spanned decades worth of junkets in Hollywood, was just waiting to answer questions about his favorite filming locations around the world. The questions were bad, and the answers were brutal, and the result was one painfully bad interview.

To her credit, Mary-Louise Parker – who was paired with Willis in the interview – did her part to put on a smile and do the whole junket song-and-dance thing, but by that point, nothing could be salvaged.

Watch the interview now in the video, above.

The DAILY BUZZ: The Giudices Surrender, JT Drops A Video, Bruce Willis Is Pissed Off

29 Aug

  • Teresa and Joe Giudice decide that life on the lam isn’t a good call
  • Bruce Willis gets cranky with a UK interviewer in today’s Smirnoff Ice Absurdly Awesome Moment
  • Justin Timberlake releases his latest video masterpiece

It’s all waiting for you on today’s edition of The Daily Buzz

Smirnoff Ice and Tommy the Pom have the pre-party plan ready to roll:

5 Reasons Kevin Smith Should Direct Die Hard 6

27 May

die hard 6

If you’ve listened to any of Kevin Smith’s recent Q and A’s or podcasts, you probably know about his experience on the film Cop Out. It was Smith’s first real venture into studio film-making and he was working with a script not by Kevin Smith. Warner Brothers teamed him up with legendary star Bruce Willis, gave him millions of dollars and let them loose.

What ensued was an experience Smith has described as fantastic despite one minor detail: the star of the film. Willis has been known to be difficult to work with, especially with directors he doesn’t get along with very well and Cop Out wasn’t any different. Smith and Willis butted heads more than once and it ended up being a defining moment for Smith who would go on to capitalize on podcasts, write a book, create a television series and announce his soon to come retirement from film directing. Bruce Willis went on to make A Good Day to Die Hard.

With A Good Day to Die Hard being ravaged by critics and really only wowing audiences in countries where they can’t understand most of the lame dialogue and with Kevin Smith taking undeserved heat day in and day out from critics and pundits claiming to know his art better than him, this guy had a great idea that I’d like to share with everyone. Kevin Smith should direct Die Hard 6…

Don’t think I’m serious? Here’s five reasons why I am:

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Watch: All Your Movie News In 60 Seconds

15 May

In addition to chocolates and romantic dinners, it looks like many lovebirds spent their Valentine’s Day with Bruce Willis.

The actor’s latest flick, A Good Day to Die Hard, took in some $1 million at the box office on Thursday; the film is expected to finish President’s Day weekend on top as well.

Meanwhile, Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman‘s comedy Identity Thief is still trucking along. The film took in some $35 millionduring its opening weekend last week.

With the Oscars just around the corner, even the White House is talking movies.

Earlier this week, First Lady Michelle Obama praised Benh Zeitlin‘s Beasts of the Southern Wild, in front of the director and his stars Quevenzhane Wallis and Dwight Henry.

“It’s a movie that makes us all think deeply about the people we love in our lives who make us who we are,” she said at a special screening of the film at the White House.

For more of the week’s hottest movie headlines, check out the latest edition of One Minute Buzz, with Hyla, above. Then tell us: what are you planning to watch this weekend?

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