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JUSTIN BIEBER Using Codeine As Recreational Drug At Parties?

4 Feb

According to the latest Hollywood gossip, JUSTIN BIEBER is reportedly using codeine (cough syrup, FYI) as a recreational drug at parties.

Oh dear.

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Ever since his breakup with Selena Gomez, the singer has been hanging out more and more with some of his rapper friends, who have reportedly been influencing him to take recreational drugs.

About a month after photos of Justin smoking a marijuana blunt were leaked online, the singer was once again photographed enjoying what appeared to be “sizzurp”-a drink made with cough syrup-at a party.

TMZ reports:

Justin Bieber partied with his boyz this week … and there are photos that appear to show a large bottle of codeine at the shindig — aka sizzurp.”

The site continues:

“The photos show Justin, Lil Za and Lil Twist (we’re told both of whom have smoked pot with Bieber) at a table rolling up blunts. Also on the table — two sets of double cups (a known style of consuming sizzurp which was made popular by Lil Wayne)… [and] in one of the photos, Bieber is [seen] drinking out of a double cup.”

Sources close to Justin reveal that the “As Long As You Love Me” singer denies taking codeine for recreation, but admits to smoking pot.

Yikes. We hope Justin‘s not headed down the Lindsay Lohan path…

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OCTOMOM Checks Into Rehab For Prescription Drug Problem

31 Oct

OCTOMOM has recently checked into rehab for a prescription drug problem and will be admitted for about a month.

That’s a long time to be without her 14 children!

GWI 000085

Just when you thought she was doing well enough to keep herself off Hollywood newsNadya “Octomon” Suleman has voluntarily gone to rehab for a prescription drug problem and left her brood at her new California home with 3 nannies, 2 friends and 1 driver to take care of them.

The single mom’s rep says went to the Chapman House Drug Rehabilitation Center in Southern California over the weekend after admitting that she has become dependent on the anti-anxiety drug, Xanax, which she has been taking to “deal with stress.”

The rep also told TMZ:

Nadya wanted to get off the Xanax she was prescribed by her doctor and learn to deal with her stress, exhaustion and anxiety with professional help with a team of doctors. Nadya wanted to deal with her issues and make sure she is the best mother she can be.”

As for the payment for the month-long treatment, the Chapman has offered to pick up the tab even though Octo can afford to pay for it herself with her porn money.

Until next month then, Nadya!

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