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5 Key Lessons About Women Men Learned From Romantic Comedies

6 Jul

the proposal

I don’t know a lot about women. There, I said it. Like a recently removed plaster this unwavering scar is now exposed to the world and its elements to have its merry way with it.

Lucky though I don’t need to know a lot about women as there are plenty of tools out there to help direct men in the never ending quest to understanding the female psyche – Adverts teach us they need little else but makeup, an excuse to buy clothes, weight watchers programmes and a half price sofa. Video games taught us that the trick to keeping a woman happy and agreeing with you is a poorly fitting crop top and Taylor Swift music taught us that the only emotional pain a woman is capable of experiencing is that of a broken heart. Whilst Miley Cyrus music taught us how to hate music.

In the world of cinema we have a whole genre to help us cultivate an understanding for the female form. Where men are told by other men and the media to look down on rom-coms as ‘stupid’, it is in fact an excellent learning experience for men seeking to enhance their knowledge of the finer form and everything it takes for us to be better to them, learn their ways and be wary of their methods. We owe as much to romantic comedies as Katherine Heigl does – They keep us knowledgeable, they keep her inexplicably employed.

Here’s five key lessons about women we have learned from watching endless romantic comedies…

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