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12 Iconic Movie Characters Who Aren’t As Cool As You Remember

11 Mar

Back To The Future 1

Universal Pictures

We’re an easily impressionable sort of bunch, us film fans. We watch movies and if there’s a character who is slightly handsome, who is wearing a nice jacket, or is often seen shooting a gun, we instantly aspire to be like them – an act which can even lead us to modelling our looks on them. You know: getting our hair cut the same way, buying similar clothes and memorabilia that will let everyone else know that we’re a fan of this movie and its awesome character…

But then most of us grow up. We still love these characters, but if we think rationally and maturely for a second and scratch away the thin surface, we can see that these characters aren’t cool. Not in the long run, at least. They may have their fifteen minutes of fame but if they keep on going at the same rate that they have been going throughout the film after the end credits have finished rolling they’re going to grow sad, old and alone.

Sorry to put a downer on things, but following is a list of 12 iconic film characters who aren’t as cool as we all remember them to be – the sort of characters who – if we knew in real life – we would give them a slap and tell them to get it together… and maybe even tell their parents about their idiotic behaviour, too (well, if we were so daring).

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