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Doctor Who: 6 Reasons It’s A Good Thing That The New Doctor Falls In Love

5 Aug

Doctor Who Doctor River

It’s a pretty common opinion among fans of Classic Who, and among the more impassioned section of the non-shipper fanbase, that the Doctor shouldn’t fall in love. That it doesn’t make sense for him to fall in love. That any romance is “forced,” or “fake,” or even “stupid.”

There’s some merit in this idea. An aesexual alien challenges a lot of the ideas we have about romance. An alien whose idea of love is purely platonic is an interesting concept.

Mind you, the first Doc was traveling with his granddaughter. Trying to find her a non-biologically-related role overlooks that basic fact. And he’s said on multiple occasions that he’s had kids. But never mind…

So, back to the Doctor being a romantic hero. There is a danger that, by being a romantic object, the Doctor could be turned into a standard packaged “handsome prince” type.

Actually, I take that back: he’s the Doctor. He’ll always be the Doctor. He can’t stop being the Doctor, he can only add to it.

Essentially-and correct me if I’m wrong, and I know you will-the argument about whether the Doctor should be in love is about whether the Doctor, the character we all know and love, is a person who could fall in love. Is he somehow above, or just sideways of romantic/sexual love? Is romantic love forcing him to be relatable, thus destroying his Doctorness?

For some people, their personal opinions say yes. Mine says no. Here’s why:

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Doctor Who: The 11th Doctor’s 6 Most Spine Tingling Moments

22 Jul

Doctor Who 11th Hour 1

I think it’s safe to say that Matt Smith’s portrayal of the Eleventh Doctor has been one of the most popular across the history of the show. While no one was sure what was coming back in 2010, here we are three years later at the end of his run and what a wild ride it has been.

We’ve had one of the most zany and alien doctors, a fresh change from the dark Ninth and more human Tenth Doctors. But it hasn’t been all fun and games with his dark side also appearing quite often in his four year run.

Now we’ve had every standard episode of what Doctor Who Matt will do I’m going to look back on the moments that affirmed his place as The Doctor for us, those times when we were literally gaping in awe at the screen and the times when Matt shined best in the role.

6. Shooting The Gravity Globe


It was the first two parter of Series 5 and boy did it leave us with a good cliffhanger. With River, Amy, The Clerics and The Doctor trapped by slowly reforming Weeping Angels it looked like they weren’t going to make it, but then Matt provided us with his first big “wow” moment of his run. This scene was much criticized in the promotional trailers as we see The Doctor handling a gun but really it was nothing to worry about, the main focus was his excellent yet short speech to Angel Bob before shooting the gravity globe.

Here we see The Doctor angry about the angels taunts so he decides to do something “incredibly stupid and dangerous” in order they survive. While the moment itself lasts for about 20 seconds his cold deliverance accompanied by Murray Gold’s epic score and the tension of the oncoming angels makes this speech feel so epic. We really feel like he is The Doctor, proved by the simple word “me” when asked what not to put in a trap.

Seeing as this was the first episode Matt filmed for the show he does amazing, showing us he is a force to be reckoned with, not just the strange man that eats fish custard.

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Doctor Who: 12 Annoying Characters, Companions And Villains

5 Jul

Adam Mitchell

As much as us fans love our show, all of us have episodes, companions, characters, plotlines, monsters and even Doctors that we dislike. None of these things ever prevent us from watching because – well, because it’s Doctor Who – but most Whovians still enjoy coming together to discuss what they did or didn’t like about every miniscule little detail.

Us Whovians can be a pedantic lot and will argue a point until the Adipose are transported home, but we are also happy to agree to disagree concerning differences of opinion on some things. You didn’t like an episode I enjoyed? That’s fine; each to their own and I love a good, friendly debate. Have at it so long as you’re not going out of your way to offend anybody.

With all of that said, I am now going to put my own head on the chopping block and reveal who and what are – to me – twelve of the most annoying main characters and villains, in no particular order. Please don’t lynch me!

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Doctor Who: Why The Casting Of The 12th Doctor Shouldn’t Be A Deal-Breaker

25 May

Doctor Who Eleventh doctor Face Obscured

In a matter of hours, the identity of the Twelfth Doctor will be revealed. In a live programme broadcast on BBC1 at 7PM, the actor newly cast in British television’s most iconic role (who BBC employees currently refer to as ‘Houdini’) will make his/her first public appearance as the face of Doctor Who and undoubtedly cause internet forums and fansites to crash. Debate around the identity of the new Time Lord is fierce with The Thick Of It star Peter Capaldi currently being the bookies’ favourite to take control of the Tardis.

But even though Capaldi’s casting is currently nothing but a rumour, some fans have come out of the woodwork on social networking sites and forums saying that they will stop watching the programme if he is the new Doctor. Partly because of the belief that he doesn’t suit the role (even though we have yet to see the Twelfth Doctor in action) but mainly because he previously appeared in Doctor Who as Caecilius in The Fires Of Pompeii (2008) and as John Frobisher in Torchwood: Children Of Earth (2009).

But if Capaldi is indeed the Twelfth Doctor, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Freema Agyeman, Karen Gillan, and Colin Baker all had one-off roles in Doctor Who before becoming part of the main cast. Colin Baker became the Sixth Doctor even though his previous character had directly interacted with Peter Davison’s Doctor in Arc Of Infinity (1983). A minor role in Doctor Who shouldn’t preclude an actor from playing a different character further down the line if they suit the part. Michael Wisher (the first actor to play Davros) played a total of eight different characters in Doctor Who during the 1970s and it didn’t stop him from playing any of them well. Especially Davros. The same could be true of Capaldi if he is the new Doctor.

peter capadli

But I’m getting off track here. My main point is that whoever the Twelfth Doctor is, we can’t possibly know how well they’ll do until we see the Regeneration scene at Christmas. And even if there are a few issues with the Twelfth Doctor’s portrayal at first (After all, no actor fits into a role perfectly right from the off), the actor will be working with a crew of incredibly talented individuals that will help steer him/her towards settling into the role. So because we won’t know who the Twelfth Doctor is until this evening and won’t see that actor playing the character for another four and half months, planning to abandon the programme if a certain actor who you consider to not be a suitable Doctor is cast is a short-sighted move and betrays a lack of true interest in the programme. And although the programme is mainly about the Doctor, it’s a large scale series that extends beyond just him, with several stories barely featuring him and some story arcs focussing on his companions or other elements such as Series 3 s Mr Saxon arc being about the Master. So even if you don’t like the new Doctor, there are still other elements that you’d miss out on by deciding to stop watching.

People like those who are considering jumping ship if Capaldi is cast are in no way representative of the fandom as a whole but some Whovians have a tendency to react strongly and negatively to change. Let’s not forget that when Matt Smith was revealed as the Eleventh Doctor in 2009, there was a minor but noticeable backlash against him with criticisms of his looks, age, and acting abilities. And it looks like the same will happen with whoever is cast as the Twelfth Doctor.

What we need to remember is that whoever the new Doctor is, the programme will continue for years to come. They are one of many actors who have played and will play the character. And if this new Doctor (whoever he or she may be) does turn out to be a poor choice, another one will come along in a few years’ time. This new Doctor heralds the next step in the evolution of Doctor Who and, as fans, the least we can do is hold our judgement and keep watching long enough to give them a chance.

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Doctor Who: Big Finish Mega-Review – October’s Releases

29 Jan

Ghost In The Machine Cover Large

A Jo Grant Companion Chronicle, a Tenth Doctor and Donna story, a Second Doctor Lost Story, a Main Range Sixie and Peri tale and that most wonderful of surprises, an early release to Big Finish’s 50th anniversary story, “The Light at the End”.

We have a lot to cover for Big Finish’s October releases! Let’s get to it!

The Companion Chronicles – “Ghost in the Machine”

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Mary had a little lamb, its fleece was white as snow
And everywhere that Mary went, that lamb was sure to go.
The TARDIS is empty. The Doctor has gone.
Jo Grant steps outside into the darkness and finds the frozen body of her friend, and the ship’s log recorder. On it is attached a simple message – ‘Use Me’.
As she explores this place, recording her every move, Jo discovers the horror that lies in the shadows.
But by then it is too late.

Katy Manning has constantly been one of the best things about the audio ranges. Her vocal talents are really quite impressive, which she displays in her one-woman show story, “Not a Well Woman”, and shows off regularly playing both Iris Wildthyme and Third Doctor companion, Jo Grant.

This story is no exception. She very briefly voices the Doctor and one other person, but mostly she voices Jo and a sentient audio tape recording of Jo’s voice. It’s extremely sinister and extremely effective.

Yes, the story centers around a machine that allows audio tape to record people and, in a certain way, bring them back to life. It’s frankly a weird premise, and one that could have failed in lesser hands, but Big Finish does their usual great job of making it work despite itself.

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Christopher Eccleston: 5 Awesome Performances And 5 That Sucked

1 Jan

Thor Dark World Malekith

For many, Christopher Eccleston is one of those actors who people tend to forget about until he turns up in a movie with the unbridled intention of showing them what real acting actually looks like. That he hasn’t quite established himself as a constant presence or force in Hollywood goes without saying – he’s better-defined by the variable and unpredictable nature of his work. One minute Eccleston might turn up as the villain in a huge blockbuster, and then all of sudden he’s treading the boards somewhere, or helming a brand new mini-series for American television.

What remains consistent, though, is Eccleston’s stature as an actor of undeniable talent, confidence and respectability. A true thespian in every sense of the word, there have been very few instances of this deftly underrated actor phoning it in for a quick buck, though there are certainly performances that one could argue fall into such a category. Truth is, though, as with so many unconventional actors trying to find their place (or is it unconventional-looking actors?), there’s a sense that Hollywood doesn’t know exactly where to put somebody like Eccleston.

It’s not unfair to suggest that Christopher Eccleston remains best-known for his brief turn as Doctor Who and less for his motion picture roles, then, many of which have gone relatively unnoticed. But it’s impossible to ignore Eccleston’s filmography entirely – small as it is, over the course of his career, he has gifted movie-goers with performances that might best be described as “masterful” (even if some of them only amount to extended cameos).

To celebrate his villainous role in Marvel’s newest offering, Thor: The Dark World, released this week, join us as we take a look at 5 awesome and 5 not so awesome Eccleston performances….

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The Doctor Who Figurine Collection – Issue 1 Review

30 Oct

Doctor Who Review 1

Eaglemoss is back with a new figurine collection. After the success of The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection they are now hitting us up with a whole series dedicated to Doctor Who. At the moment we can expect to find 80 classic and contemporary Doctors’/Allies/Companions and Villains found throughout the 50 years of the shows history.

Each figurine is detailed, scaled at 1:21 and made out of a hand-painted metallic resin. The magazine explains how the character has evolved and gets an inside look behind classic moments. Within is the moment the figurine is set upon, a look back at 50 years of Doctor Who starting from the very beginning and an in-depth profile of essential elements of the Doctor Who universe (or for the nerdy among us, Whoniverse).

Part one is in the form of the eleventh Doctor Matt Smith.

The Figurine

Doctor Who Figure1

The first figurine in this collection is based on Matt Smith’s take on The Doctor in the episode ‘The Pandorica Opens’. The stance is based on the scene where The Doctor is standing on the central monument in the middle of Stone Henge giving an award winning speech to many of his enemies orbiting above him.

First of all the detailing on the clothing is superb. His jacket, shirt, trousers, braces and of course his bow tie are perfectly represented. Particularly the buttons on his shirt and the buckles for the braces are so excellently executed, considering they are really a minute detail. The hair has the typical Matt Smith flop and although some of the flesh coloured paint has slightly overlapped into it, it’s still a great representation.

Unfortunately the face isn’t the best. Although you of course recognise the character right away, on close inspection the face doesn’t match up to Matt/The Doctor himself. Of course I understand that capturing the face on a figurine this size can’t be easy. And obviously with each figurine you may get a better or worse take on the character with each one being hand-painted.

All in all for the first edition of this collection, The Eleventh Doctor is a solid effort. I’d give this figurine 3.5/5

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