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EMINEM Acts Really Bizarre While Being Interviewed On ESPN (VIDEO)

19 Sep

EMINEM recently made star news headlines after acting really bizarre while being interviewed on ESPN for the sports channel’s live airing of Saturday Night Football…

Here’s a little preview:


Eminem has been off the drugs for a while now, but he certainly appeared to be on something (and it doesn’t seem to be prescription pills, his drug of choice) when he appeared on ESPN’s Saturday Night Football with hosts Brent Musburger and Kirt Herbstreit during halftime at the Michigan-Notre Dame game over the weekend.

For about the first minute, the “Berzerk” rapper simply stood there in the middle of Musburger and Herbstreit with his mouth open as he surveyed his surroundings, looking more than a little dazed.

When he was asked a question by one of the hosts, Mathers appeared to snap out of it and said:

“Yeah, sorry? Live TV. Live TV freaks me out a little bit. What was the question?”

He then went on to respond normally-if a bit unenthusiastically-to the questions about his new music video for “Berzerk” and his upcoming album, “The Marshall Mathers LP 2.”

Clearly, Eminem was just goofing around… or was he?

Decide for yourself:

Photo Via Video Screen Grab

Rachel McAdams, Eminem and Amber Heard Lead Today’s Star Sightings

15 Sep

From the red carpet to the concert stage, Hollywood’s finest have been busy in the past 24 hours.

Rachel McAdams turned heads at the world premiere of her new film About Time in London, England. The 34-year-old actress, who looked gorgeous in a Roksanda ensemble, was joined by her co-stars Domhnall Gleeson and Bill Nighy for the event.

Stateside, Eminem took to the stage in New York City for an exclusive G-Shock 30th anniversary performance. The Real Slim Shady delivered only oldies, according to Rolling Stone, including “Cleaning Out My Closet,” “Lose Yourself” and “Toy Soldiers.”

Elsewhere in the Big Apple, Nick Cannon and Heidi Klum hit the red carpet for an America’s Got Talent season 8 event at Radio City Music Hall while Nicole Richie stepped out in style after co-hosting Live! with Kelly and Michael.

On the west coast, Amber Heard looked picture perfect in Michael Kors as she made her way to tape Jimmel Kimmel Live. The 27-year-old actress was on hand to promote her new film with Liam Hemsworth, Paranoia.

Launch the gallery, above, for more of the day’s hottest star sightings.

Guess Who’s Back? Back Again? Shady’s Back… For Another Caption Contest! #DopeFlow

14 Sep

Eminem Performs At The G-Shock 20th Anniversary Party

Hey, look, it’s great that Eminem is performing again, but what about that new album, huh? WHERE IS IT, MR. MATHERS?! We have waited long enough! We need you to come back and show Macklemore who really runs the White Rap Game. (It’s me; I do. Sorry if that was misleading, Eminem, but it’s just a fact: I am the world’s greatest white rapper.)

And from my mouth – the mouth of the world’s greatest white rapper – to God’s ears, here are today’s winning captions:

“‘Hip hop hoorAY HO!'” – Mackenzie


“Can’t touch this” – Brittney

“Yo haters!!come here and say it to my face bi*ches” – Romi

Congrats to our winners! Visit our Facebook page for a new Caption Contest each and every weekday.

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