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Win: Football Manager Handheld 2014

24 Feb

Fm 14 Handheld

The world’s greatest portable football management simulation from SEGA and Sports Interactive is back!

Available now on iOS and Android devices, Football Manager Handheld 2014 lets novice managers as well as experienced players control their favourite club and lead them to glory. It also blends ‘snackable’ action with an unrivalled depth of gameplay, new graphics and controls, and a whole new game mode called My Club, which lets you create a club from scratch and compete in any league. The best-selling Football Manager 2014 is also available on PC, Mac, and for the first time on Linux.

To celebrate the release, we’re giving 5 lucky WhatCulture.com readers the opportunity to win a copy of Football Manager Handheld 2014.

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And then send us your details by completing the form below…

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This competition closes on Christmas Eve 2013 – all winning codes must be redeemed before midnight on the same day.

Football Manager Handheld 2014 is available to buy now.

iOS Download Instructions

To use a code, all you have to do is open iTunes, go to the Store and scroll down to the bottom of the page. There, under the heading ‘Manage’ you should find the ‘Redeem’ link. Simply click on this link, enter the code, press the ‘Redeem’ button and the rest should take care of itself.

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Football Manager 2014 Tips: 10 Ways To Guarantee World Domination

17 Jan

Football Manager 2014

Well, Football Manager’s been out for a little over a week now, and I’m willing to be that the hardened veterans have already conquered their first season. To them, it’s just so easy – braving the spreadsheet-heavy plains of FM, dragging bargains out the woodwork and slotting them into fine-tuned tactical machines. They’ve already plundered major trophies, left their digital opposition in tears and are looking forward to another season in the Champions League, or indeed League Two, if you plumped for more modest environs. Hey, to each their own.

But for the newcomer who was beguiled by tales of lives well misspent and the prowess of Tonton Zola Moukoko, joining the FM addiction conga now can seem a bit daunting. After all, for the majority of us diehards, we’ve been playing SI’s interactive masterpieces since the heady days of Championship Manager, back when Carl Cort and Michael Duff were prospects and the screen came emblazoned with AFC Wimbledon having a kick-about in the background. We’ve adapted to every incremental improvement and every add-on feature by taking it in our stride, year-on-year.

Yet to those who wish to join the party bus now, it can seem like a little overbearing. Even if we take out the exhaustive tactics screens and all the permutations there, navigating transfers, board interactions, squad management and even the press can all seem a bit too much, especially if you’re new to FM’s shores.

So with this in mind, I’ve decided to write a list – born of my experience playing FM – which can help the new player adapt to SI’s crazy, text-heavy world. Keep in mind, this is in no way a definitive, exhaustive list – it’s just simply a bunch a well-meaning tips strung together with barely coherent writing. But still, if it gets more people into this wonderful game, I’ve done my job.

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Football Manager 2014: 6 Opening Impressions That Prove It’s The Best Yet

31 Dec

Football Manager 2014

Football Manager 14 has been officially released, and the creators have promised an even more in-depth managerial experience with a number of improvements from last-year’s best-settler.

While the 2013 game was a great success, many felt there could be a considerable amount of improvements made to better the realism for its many users – constructive criticism the creators have taken on board when looking at the new improvements.

Sports Interactive are the team behind Football Manager, and they have been working tirelessly to adapt an already successful and enjoyable managerial simulation to make it continually challenging and more alike to how management really is in football.

So what have they changed on the new game? And why is it the best FM yet? Here’s why….

6. Revamp Of The Tactics

Fm 210

The biggest change on FM14 has been the tactics and formations screen. While the previous game used slider bars to determine the distance a player would keep the majority of his passes to, or how high up the pitch the defence will position themselves, or even how much creative freedom a player would be allowed, FM14 has now adapted the tactics to feature the in-game touchline shouts you could use on FM13 during a match.

Options such as ‘close down more’ and ‘fewer riskier passes’ are just some of the many choices you have for each players, and it’s these options which decide how the player will approach the game for the 90 minutes. A clever add-on is that FM won’t let you choose options which contradict each other. For example, if you choose ‘get further forward’, you won’t be able to select ‘hold position’ etc.

The same rules also apply to the team instructions, where purists of the game can now select ‘retain possession’, ‘play out of defence’, and ‘work ball into the box’, but that means choices such as ‘go route one’ and ‘more direct passing’ aren’t available to be selected.

While many have complained it makes the tactics less intricate and too vague, it certainly adds to the realism – as a manager will be giving the exact same instructions in real life to a player. There are no sliders on a manager’s chalkboard. He tells his players exactly what he wants from them and can only be so specific with words.

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Football Manager 2014: 12 New Features To Be Excited About

11 Sep


We all love Football Manager, and that’s just scientific fact. It provides us with the means to live out all the fantasies we enact during beer-sodden games in the stands, watching our failure of a team lose catastrophically because the manager couldn’t see the obvious – that they should/shouldn’t have brought on that striker, that certain players didn’t belong in certain positions or why the hell they elected to sit back on a one-nil lead with 86 minutes left. We rage at the players, and then we go home and show the virtual world how it should be done, meaning justice is restored and catharsis is achieved.

And what’s wrong with that? Nothing, that’s what. FM is an incredible game, mind-bogglingly deep and capable of consuming entire months of our lives. To the uninitiated, it’s just a glorified spreadsheet, but we few, we happy few, know better. It’s incredibly detailed, yet year upon year the warlocks at Sports Interactive find ways of adding to the experience, creating something somehow even more perfect. It’s like they’ve re-invented bacon, and they do it with such regularity that we can’t wait to see the new innovations up for grabs in the next edition.

Well fortunately for you, there’s a new edition out soon, and Sports Interactive have today released details of the new stuff they’ve crow-barred into their superlative management simulator. Fortunately again, I’ve done you the honour of showcasing the 12 best changes that will make FM 14 the best game in the series so far. All you’ve got to do is click next, and then you can bask in the footballing goodness. Go on, you know you want to…

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