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Football Manager 2014: 12 New Features To Be Excited About

11 Sep


We all love Football Manager, and that’s just scientific fact. It provides us with the means to live out all the fantasies we enact during beer-sodden games in the stands, watching our failure of a team lose catastrophically because the manager couldn’t see the obvious – that they should/shouldn’t have brought on that striker, that certain players didn’t belong in certain positions or why the hell they elected to sit back on a one-nil lead with 86 minutes left. We rage at the players, and then we go home and show the virtual world how it should be done, meaning justice is restored and catharsis is achieved.

And what’s wrong with that? Nothing, that’s what. FM is an incredible game, mind-bogglingly deep and capable of consuming entire months of our lives. To the uninitiated, it’s just a glorified spreadsheet, but we few, we happy few, know better. It’s incredibly detailed, yet year upon year the warlocks at Sports Interactive find ways of adding to the experience, creating something somehow even more perfect. It’s like they’ve re-invented bacon, and they do it with such regularity that we can’t wait to see the new innovations up for grabs in the next edition.

Well fortunately for you, there’s a new edition out soon, and Sports Interactive have today released details of the new stuff they’ve crow-barred into their superlative management simulator. Fortunately again, I’ve done you the honour of showcasing the 12 best changes that will make FM 14 the best game in the series so far. All you’ve got to do is click next, and then you can bask in the footballing goodness. Go on, you know you want to…

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