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10 Harsh Truths We Don’t Want To Admit About Awesome Games

23 May


Few will argue with the fact that the below games are fantastic – hence why the fiercely-debated Call of Duty, though popular, didn’t make this list – though that doesn’t stop them from harbouring some less-than-savoury truths that they hope most gamers won’t ever come to realise.

Whether it’s their true lack of substance, an ill-advised tonal change that their franchise took, or simply the fact that a classic game hasn’t really aged all that well, these 10 games impressed most of us, though on reflection, we have to recognise that not a single one of them is even remotely close to “perfect”.

Granted, each of these games is awesome enough that we’re prepared to look past the harsh reality, but we should never forget it, otherwise we risk just becoming another blind fanboy (as may account for many of these games’ enduring popularity in the first place). Take a step back and realise that these 10 games are glaringly flawed, if still excellent…

10. World of Warcraft Requires No Skill Whatsoever


The Awesome: For the better part of a decade, World of Warcraft has reigned supreme as the world’s most popular MMORPG – peaking at 12 million users, and presently resting at roughly 7 million – while also spawning countless expansion packs, pop-culture spoofs, and even an impending movie.

The Truth: Though infamous for its fiendishly addictive gameplay, WoW really is just another repetitive MMO that doesn’t require much skill to beast through. It’s all about how much of your existence you are prepared to pour into the game – that is what will largely determine how much you get out of it.

Though the large player base helps us become immersed in this huge world, it’s really pretty simple stuff that relies on players spending their time away from work just throwing themselves into another kind of grind.

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Before GTA V: Top 8 Cheats We All Used

8 May


Despite how brilliant the Grand Theft Auto games are without cheating, there is no denying that they have contained some of the best cheat codes that have ever appeared in a video game. Not only are they (mostly) useful, but they also enhance the experience by providing the gamer with a whole new perspective. Not to mention countless more hours of fun, of course.

In my opinion, I feel the best cheat codes in the GTA series were in 2005’s Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. As you read this article, you will notice that the cheats from that particular game appear a lot. Not only was it the most customizable game (until GTA V is released later this year) but it was the game that Rockstar really did let loose and have some fun with. I can only hope that GTA V will see the return of cheats like this, as GTA IV was slightly disappointing on that front.

Without further adieu, I present the Top 8 GTA Cheats We All Used. How many do you remember the button combinations for?

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8 Most Overrated Video Games Of The Seventh Generation

25 Jan

Gta Iv

“Overrated” is a word that gets thrown about like a hacky sack at a California beach party. It’s the modern person’s go-to term for describing something which they believe is getting way too much credit (incidentally, these folk always try to redirect your tastes onto some obscure thing only they’ve heard of). And although you’ll hear people using the word to describe the latest Oscar-winning film or a praised music album, it’s in the video game world that it really comes into its own.

It’s true that for every gamer who praises a game for its innovations, storyline and mechanics, there’s somebody out there who can’t fathom why a game is getting so much praise. Thing is, that somebody isn’t even wrong, given that the inherent quality of any video game is highly subjective – everyone is allowed an opinion, and coherent, well-formed arguments are always welcomed when it comes to this particular medium (there’s a notable lack of them, to say the least).

As soon as the word “overrated” gets mentioned, though, people tend to turn away because it conjures up feelings of somebody trying to provoke a reaction for the sake of it. “Oh, Nintendo are way overrated – they’ve been making the same game for years,” is the sort of single-minded, mis-informed comment that generally serves no purpose and stinks of arrogance. You just know the person who utters those words doesn’t play Nintendo games (or hasn’t in a long, long time).

So why I am explaining all this? Well, put simply, it’s because this article isn’t intended to approach the subject of overrated games with the same amount of ignorance. I actually like all of the games mentioned in the article – some of them have provided me with some awesome experiences. But given their critical ratings and reputations, I wanted to take a look at these games from the perspective of somebody who both appreciates them and happens to think they’re overrated, too.

Note: Given that there’s no truly objective way to judge whether a game is technically “overrated” or not, I’ll be referring to Metacritic’s critical rankings throughout this article, whose scores for the games mentioned – collected by averaging the opinions of professional gaming critics – probably serves as the fairest method to prove that a game is considered to be particularly well thought of.

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