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Who Is The Highest Paid Actress of 2013?

29 Aug

Beyonce was right: girls do run the world.

Forbes has released their annual list of the year’s highest paid actresses and – from the looks of these paychecks – the women of Hollywood are raking it in.

Sitting pretty at No. 1 is Angelina Jolie, who earned an estimated $33 million in 2013. The publication also predicts that the 38-year-old is set for another big pay day when Maleficent – Disney’s take on Sleeping Beauty as told through the eyes of the villain – hits theaters in July 2014.

Meanwhile, last year’s top earner, Kristen Stewart, has been knocked down to the No. 33 spot, raking in only $22 million thanks to her work in last installment of the Twilight film franchise.

Who beat her out for the runner-up position?

Launch the gallery above to see the Top 10 list of Hollywood’s highest paid actresses.

Kristen Stewart Dishes All About Her Style To Elle UK

6 Jan

It’s no secret that Kristen Stewart isn’t exactly a clotheshorse.

She’d probably be perfectly content to go through life in nothing but jeans and sneakers.

After all, her stylist has to beg her to wear girly dresses and heels!

But in an interview for Elle UK’s February issue, the actress reveals some very interesting and little-known tidbits about her personal style.

Check out what she had to say:

I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN A TOMBOY. I wanted to look like my older brother when I was younger. I lived in hand-me-downs and was always borrowing his clothes. My earliest fashion memory is cutting up an old pair of Levi’s and going to careers day at nursery dressed as a rock star.

MY FILM COSTUMES MEAN A LOT TO ME. I usually take one or two things from each film as a souvenir. It’s fun to put that suff on; it reminds you of good times. I have my armour from Snow White and the Huntsman and still wear the T-shirts from The Runaways; I gave the leather jacket I won to Joan Jett, the Blackhearts frontwoman [who I played in the film], with a note scrawled on the back in white pen.

IT’S CLEAR WHEN I DON’T LIKE MY OUTFIT. I’ve always worked with the same stylist, Tara Swennen, who I love, but I’ve definitely had fashion regrets, which I can’t reveal – I’d hate to offend anyone. But I’m way more comfortable now. The other day I realised I do actually have more than one pair of jeans and a T-shirt. I have some cool stuff that I need to start wearing.

I LOVE STELLA McCARTNEY. She’s so talented and I’m drawn to simplicity – I’m not really into adornments and decoration. If you were to mix Patti Smith and Brigitte Bardot to make one person, she would be my style icon.

MY MOST TREASURED ITEM is the leather jacket Balenciaga gave me. I would be devastated if I lost it. I live in it! It started off fairly sturdy but now it feels like a blanket.

FASHION INSPIRES SELF-DISCOVERY. I first met Nicolas Ghesquiere [ex-Balenciaga creative director] on a shoot six years ago. Our interests go hand in hand. What I love about my job as an actress is that you can discover aspects of yourself that are really surprising and fashion inspires you in exactly the same way.

MY FIRST FASHION SHOW was Burberry a/w 2010. Claire Danes was sitting across from me, which was very exciting. I love her! It opened my eyes to the world of fashion. It’s so cool to look at a fashion show as a whole because they’re like little movies, every single detail is carefully considered.

MY JEWELLERY IS ALL INSANELY AND DEEPLY IMPORTANT TO ME. I have all the rings that I wore as Bella in Twilight, including her wedding ring. My other treasured pieces are mainly vintage and a Cartier ‘Nail’ bracelet that I wear a lot.

PERFUME IS LIKE AN ACCESSORY. I’d never worn a scent before I tried Balenciaga Florabotanica, but like clothes can make you aware of different aspects of yourself so a smell can elevate you. There’s something hot about it – a little heated and slightly more dangerous than the name suggests.

Check out some of her casual & glam looks in the gallery (below)!

[Image via C. Smith/WENN.]

KRISTEN STEWART Doesn’t Like It When People Look At Her

16 Dec

Hollywood news has just learned that KRISTEN STEWART doesn’t like it when people look at her.

But we think all of you already knew that.

kristen stewart covers marie claire australia

Though she’s been acting since she was a little kid, Kristen still isn’t used to being in the spotlight-even after skyrocketing to fame following the success of the Twilight film franchise. In fact, she hates the spotlight so much that she was once quoted as comparing constant paparazzi attention to being raped.

Known for being shy and somewhat awkward in the public eye, the actress talks about her aversion to the limelight in her recent interview with Marie Claire Australia.

Kristen shares:

“I’m particularly weird because I don’t even like being looked at. A lot of actors love it and they love going out and literally doing it as an activity. I hate it.”

She adds:

“I don’t especially enjoy the process, to be honest. I have a lot of actor friends who love getting ready for something just because they feel kind of important. I don’t identify with that. But being in the public eye, I’m expected to look good and I understand that.”

One thing about being in the spotlight that Kristen has learned to like-after years and years of having it “forced” on her-is the fashion. She explains:

“It took years of my being forced on to the carpets when you have no choice but to do it, until one day you suddenly realise it’s a huge gift… It was one of those things that just felt right. I’m a huge fan of the fashion world now that I’ve been allowed to be a part of it, even if oftentimes I don’t even know what I’m wearing.”

Then, in a shameless bit of brand promotion, the Balenciaga spokesmodel adds:

“But whenever I put on anything by Balenciaga I’m like, ‘Oh, that looks like Balenciaga!’ You can see it, you can pick it out of a rack.”

Photo Via Marie Claire Australia


27 Sep

The latest celebrity news reports that ROBERT PATTINSON has moved back in with KRISTEN STEWART.

At last!

LMK 053510 4

As it turns out, there was a lot of truth in the recent rumor that’s been going around for days claiming Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are finally back together.

Much to Twi-hards’ delight, our favorite “Twilight” couple is reportedly doing better than fine now that they have made up and shacked up again just two months after Kristen apologized for cheating on Robert with her married director, Rupert Sanders.

We’re not sure about how Robert‘s two overprotective sisters are taking the news but needless to say, the pair is willing to at least try and make their relationship work after being shaken by the widely-reported affair and the intense media focus.

A source exclusively told Us Weekly:

“They are living together and have reconciled.”

However, things are not completely back to normal as the once heartbroken British actor is “extra-sensitive right now. He’s insecure.”

On a much lighter note, it looks like we’ll be seeing the pair side-by-side at the red carpet premiere of their much-awaited last “Twilight” movie, “Breaking Dawn-Part 2,” when it opens in November!

Are you happy that Robsten are an item again?

Photo By PR Photos


6 Aug

According to the latest Hollywood gossip, NIKKI REED slammed KRISTEN STEWART on Twitter for cheating on ROBERT PATTINSON.

Or did she?

AES 071890

The whole world is currently talking about the shocking fact that Kristen Stewart cheated on her boyfriend Robert Pattinson with married “Snow White and the Huntsman” director Rupert Sanders… so when Nikki Reed, who used to date Rob before she tied the knot with “American Idol” contestant Paul McDonald, retweeted a quote about “trust”, the more rabid members of the Twihard army automatically assumed that she was dissing Kristen.

Here’s the offending tweet:

“To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved”

After experiencing major backlash for the quote, which many Robsten fans believed to be a diss aimed at Kristen, Nikki deleted her tweet and wrote:

“Just took down my last retweet as I’m noticing that some of you are attempting to twist the most innocent message into whatever meaning you wanted it to have.”

She added:

“Twi fans, please stop. It’s such a waste of your time. I love all of you, regardless of how you choose to interpret and spin things. Thank you for your passion.”

So there you go. Nikki wasn’t trying to slam Kristen

Or was she?

Do you think Nikki really meant to share an “innocent message” that had nothing to do with her co-stars? Or did she have Kristen in mind when she posted that tweet and just didn’t want to admit it?

Photos By PR Photos

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