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5 Seinfeld Spin-Offs You Wish Had Happened

11 May


Sitcom spin-offs are so common we often don’t realize that some of most beloved sitcoms are spin-offs. The Simpsons is a spin-off of The Tracy Ullman Show. Of course not all spin-offs enjoy the same kind of success, like the Friends spin-off Joey, or M*A*S*H spinoff AfterMASH. There have been many over the years.

But one show that never got a spin off that many of us with had, was Seinfeld. It’s hard to believe that Seinfeld, now a staple of comedy syndication, is still earning Jerry Seinfeld loads of money. His show about nothing went off the air 15 years ago-feel old?-and is still funnier than most of what passes for comedy these days.

The lack of a spin-off sitcom is largely due to Jerry Seinfeld himself opposing the idea. It’s a shame, really. There was so much potential for a number of successful spin-offs (and in a way Curb Your Enthusiasm works as a somewhat spin-off… but not really)

Here are five that I think could have worked.

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