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‘Stand Your Ground’ Florida Boycott List Naming Rihanna, Kanye West, Jay Z Refuted

28 Jun

Stevie Wonder might be the only man who’s still boycotting Florida after all.

As Celebuzz previously reported, American Urban Radio Network White House correspondent April Ryan leaked a list of A-list musicians – including Rihanna, Kanye West and Madonna – allegedly boycotting the sunshine State in protest of its “Stand Your Ground” law in the wake of George Zimmerman‘s acquittal for the 2012 killing of unarmed teen Trayvon Martin.

On Tuesday, Ryan updated her original story saying “several representatives of the artists named who say, on behalf of their clients, they are uncomfortable being identified on that list,” refuting the claims that the named celebrities are stopping their performances in Florida.

“The list including her name was surprising,” a source close to Alicia Keys, whose name was also on the roster, told us. “We are not aware of any boycott.”

In similar fashion, listed artists Jay Z and Timberlake are still slated to perform at Miami’s Sun Life Stadium on August 13.

Celebuzz has reached out to all the named musicians for comments and is currently awaiting for replies.

Read The Police Report On Justin Bieber’s Spitting Incident

25 Jun

Justin Bieber Police Report

From speeding to spitting, when it comes to Justin Bieber‘s alleged run-ins with the law you never know what’s fact and what’s fiction.

Well, it looks like one of them may be very real, at least according to the police report.

Remember when a DJ in Columbus, Ohio accused bad boy Bieber of spitting in his face?

He reportedly filed a police report last week for the alleged icky incident, but we didn’t believe it until we saw it.

According to a release obtained by Celebuzz, alleged face-spitting victim Addison Ulhaq has lawyered-up and his attorneys issued a detailed account of Ulhaq’s version of the night.

Here you go:

“In the early morning of July 13, 2013, Addison Ulhaq, a junior neuroscience major at The Ohio State University, and part-time disc jockey, waited for his turn to go back on stage at The Social Room bar and lounge in Columbus, Ohio where he had been asked to close out the night. Addison had finished his first set, but watched from the VIP area as another disc jockey performed. Also watching from the VIP area was musician Justin Bieber.

“As Addison waited to go back on stage, the Ohio State junior was confronted by two of Justin’s bodyguards who accused him of taking pictures of Justin on his cell phone. Addison had not been taking any pictures, but had merely been looking at his phone. The two bodyguards shoved Addison into a side kitchen, grabbed his phone, and searched it for pictures of Justin, but found none. Regardless, Justin approached Addison, and declared to his bodyguards that ‘he would handle it.’ With his bodyguards by his side, Justin then told Addison that ‘Your mother’s a [expletive]; your father is a [expletive]; and you are a [expletive].’ Justin then spit in Addison’s face, leaving saliva and mucus in Addison’s eye, nose, and mouth. Justin was then rushed out of The Social Room by his bodyguards.”

Megan Frantz Oldham, who represents Addison along with attorney Collin Wise, said, “Based on this incident and others recently reported in the media, it is apparent that Mr. Bieber thinks that he is better than other people, and that he is above the law. Mr. Ulhaq has taken the responsible step of reporting Mr. Bieber’s assault to hopefully prevent Mr. Bieber from engaging in future demeaning and damaging conduct.

“Regardless of how famous a person is, the law treats all people the same,” Wise added. “Mr. Bieber may believe that having bodyguards allows him to abuse another person, but the law of Ohio does not carve out special treatment for celebrities.”

Upon contacting Ulhaq’s attorneys, they said he’s reviewing all legal options, including financial compensation or a civil suit: “All avenues are open,” said Frantz Oldham.

“Addison filed the report primarily to have Justin Bieber held accountable for what happened.”

A rep for Bieber didn’t return a request for comment.

Read the full police report against Biebs in the CB! gallery above.

How Rihanna Got Two Men Arrested and Other Stories You May Have Missed

7 Apr

Rihanna Aids Police in Putting Illegal Animal Dealers Behind Bars

That’s right, someone who calls herself “BadGalRiRi” is fighting the good fight. During her recent trip to Thailand, the songstress has managed to aid help local law enforcement in capturing two men peddling an endangered animal. Get the full story on Hollywood.com.

Britney Spears’ Las Vegas Show Is Already Failing

You better work, bitch. Word has it that the songstress’ new residency in Planet Hollywood is already suffering low ticket sales. See just how much her new show is flubbing on Idolator.

Tina Fey Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction at the Emmys

Blerg! The 30 Rock actress accidentally flashed the audience Sunday night when she took the stage at the Emmys to accept an award. Fox News has photos of the nip slip.

Kanye West Says He Attacked Paparazzo In Self-Defense

It’s a case of he said, he said. West is answering back to the civil suit filed by the photographer who claims West assaulted in July at LAX and caused him serious injury, stating that he believed “his safety was in immediate danger.” TMZ has the rapper’s full response.

Lena Dunham’s Boyfriend: Taylor Swift Changed Me

Jack Antonoff claims he’s a changed man after meeting the songstress. Find out how Swift got the .fun hitmaker to rethink his ways on Huffington Post.

You’ll Never Guess Who’s Leaving The Real Housewives of Orange County

Not one, but two members of the Bravo reality series will not be returning for its ninth season. TooFab has the scoop on the casting change-up.

Gucci Mane Arrested For Disorderly Conduct in Atlanta: Report

5 Mar

Gucci Mane‘s rough week just took another turn.

TMZ is reporting that Mane, whose real name is Radric Davis, was arrested early Saturday morning in Atlanta, Ga. for allegedly “cursing and threatening” cops.

The 33-year-old was booked for carrying a concealed weapon, disorderly conduct and possession of marijuana.

According to TMZ, Mane was arrested just after midnight on Sept. 14 after a friend reported the rapper’s erratic behavior to authorities.

The Spring Breakers star has since been taken to a local hospital “as a precaution.”

The arrest comes some six months after Mane was arrested for assault at an Atlanta nightclub.

Earlier this week, Mane also made headlines thanks to a bizarre Twitter rant that claimed he had slept with Nicki Minaj, Keyshia Cole, Kelly Rowland and others in the past.

These Depositions In Ariel Winter’s Custody Case Are Quite Insightful

26 Feb

Depositions in Ariel Winter case

For nearly a year now we’ve seen the family feud between Ariel Winter and her family play out on a public stage.

And now that depositions have taken place it’s getting more and more sordid. From her dad describing the 15-year-old Modern Family star’s violent tendencies and her mom’s TMI account of allegedly catching her in bed with a guy to Ariel’s ex-boyfriend claiming her own mother dressed her in lingerie – they all have something to say. (That is, except Ariel, whose legal team is trying to block her deposition.)

So… just to refresh your memory, Ariel’s mom Chrisoula “Crystal” Workman apparently caught her then-14-year-old daughter in bed with her then 18-year-old ex boyfriend, actor Cameron Palatas. Since then, Ariel has alleged physical and emotional abuse against her mother who’s been under the temporary guardianship of her sister Shanelle Gray since Nov. 2012 and wants emancipation.

So here are some doozies from the depos:

This is what her mom had to say when asked if Ariel had seen her boyfriend’s… well, you know what: “I caught her in bed with Cameron, she told me she did the bow and blow and go.”

Yes, you read right, but just in case, that’s “bow and blow and go.”

And when asked if producers of the hit ABC show told her Ariel was dressing too sexy off screen, here’s her response: “Yes, and I agreed with them… I asked her constantly to please dress age appropriately.”

In Cameron’s depo taken Aug. 14 he does admit to sleeping in bed with Ariel at her house, but points the finger at Ariel’s mom: “Crystal had wanted me to sleep in Ariel’s bed.”

And what did Ariel wear to bed?: “Her mom would dress her up in lingerie,” he said.

Then there’s Ariel’s dad, Glenn Workman, who goes on to describe his “scrappy” daughter’s physical freak-outs.

“She was going through a stage where she was extremely physical, so she was doing some things that were out of character. She was beating on her mother while she was driving, getting out of the car, creating scenes,” he said.

“She was telling me to F off…,” Glenn added in his 2012 depo.

“She was beating on her mother. She wasn’t afraid of her mother… I have had to pull her off my wife.”

There’s more… Read all the sordid details for yourself in the CB! gallery above.

Kourtney Kardashian Speaks Out On Paternity Suit: ‘Scott Is Mason’s Father’

19 Dec

Kourtney Kardashian is speaking out for the first time since rumors surfaced about her 3-year-old son Mason‘s paternity.

The reality star sets the record straight in a statement to Us Weekly, laying to rest any speculation about whether Scott Disick is his father.

“After three-and-a-half years of rumors and lies being spread by an individual I met briefly at a photo shoot, I am setting the record straight that Scott is Mason’s father,” the mother of two said Thursday. “While it saddens me to have to address these ridiculous lies – especially when the truth was never in doubt – this story must be put to rest.”

Male model Michael Girgenti long asserted that he is her son’s biological father and even filed a paternity suit last week asking for joint custody, according to TMZ, claiming he slept with Kardashian after meeting her at a photo shoot in 2008.

“This individual has been selling false and fabricated stories to the tabloids for years about Kourtney Kardashian and her son, Mason. Scott Disick is Mason’s father,” Kourtney’s attorney, Todd Wilson, told TMZ.

“We are informed that this individual has been seeking to get paid to publish his ridiculous pleading,” Wilson added. “His claims are absurd and this is simply another shameful attempt to gain publicity and profit from fictional stories about my client.”

Judge Orders Chris Brown To Complete 1,000 Hours Of Community Labor

17 Dec

Chris Brown Ordered to do 1,000 of Community Labor

For all you Los Angelenos, you may actually see Chris Brown picking up trash on the side of the freeways or cleaning up our local beaches.

Why, you ask?

Celebuzz can confirm that a Los Angeles judge has ordered the “With You” crooner to complete an additional 1,000 hours of community labor.

And he won’t be stuffing envelopes or doing menial office work.

Community labor is different than your typical community service in that it requires supervision with different kinds of organizations.

The judge specified Brown’s hours will have to be performed in four specific areas – doing work for Caltrans, graffiti removal, beach cleanup or through an organization called Probation Alternative Services Work (PAWS), according to L.A. Superior Court spokeswoman Patricia Kelly.

The Los Angeles District attorney and Brown’s lawyer Mark Geragos came to the agreement in lieu of revoking Brown’s probation after he was involved in an alleged hit-and-run accident in May.

The 24-year-old Grammy winner will have until August 25, 2014 to complete the extra hours when his five years of probation comes to an end in the Rihanna abuse case.

Brown’s first progress report is Nov. 20.

As Celebuzz exclusively reported, it’s been a week of slightly better news for RiRi’s ex since he was also cleared of hit-and-run charges Thursday.

Simon Cowell’s Ex Fiancee ‘Furious’ Over Baby Mama Drama

7 Nov

Simon Cowell and ex Mezhgan Hussainy

Simon Cowell‘s bringing a whole new meaning to The X Factor, only this time it’s his ‘ex’ factor.

Despite reports that Cowell’s former fiance Mezhgan Hussainy is “happy” for the dad-to-be, it couldn’t be farther from the truth, a source tells Celebuzz.

“She’s furious, humiliated and angry, but she can’t do anything because she put her career on back burner and he supports her financially and emotionally,” said a source close to the makeup artist.

“They really are best friends.”

The one-time couple is so close that since they ended their engagement in early 2012, the music mogul has not only gifted her a stunning $8 million Beverly Hills mansion, but commissioned her skills to decorate his three 90210 homes, while being the one constant by his side at the Television Critics Association panel in Los Angeles last week when he addressed reports of his sudden and impending fatherhood.

Although on the outside she may look strong, inside Hussainy is hurting, added the source.

“She trusted him with everything so she can’t do anything about it. His PR and security teams control everything. She feels trapped.

“It’s been a rude awakening.”

Since news broke last week that the 53-year-old perpetual bachelor is expecting his first child with New York socialite Lauren Silverman, 36, Hussainy has been turning to family and friends to vent.

“She can’t talk about her true feelings in public because she doesn’t want to betray him just because he betrayed her.

“She feels betrayed that he didn’t have the sense to use protection with a woman their circle of friends thought was a gold-digger,” said the source.

According to the insider, Cowell, Silverman and Hussainy had been chummy even when the former American Idol judge was engaged, which was a red flag for Hussainy.

“She’s upset because she saw how aggressive Lauren was even when they were engaged,’ said the source. “And Simon would also say the right thing to make it better.”

Right now, though, she’s still standing by her (former) man, who has kept mum on the baby front: “Unfortunately at this moment I have to keep it private,” he told press at the TCAs.

“There are a lot of things I will eventually clear up when the time is right, but I really have to be sensitive because there’s a lot of people’s feelings involved here,” Cowell later told PEOPLE.

So the drama continues.

Paula Deen’s Attorneys Ask Court To Grant Juror Questionnaires for Fair Trial

19 Oct

With all the media attention surrounding Paula Deen and that nasty lawsuit, it looks like the celebrity chef’s attorneys are taking every possible action to ensure she gets a fair trial.

On Friday, Deen’s legal team filed a motion for issuance of juror questionnaires, according to court papers obtained by Celebuzz.

Identifying the 66-year-old Deen as a “nationally known personality,” the papers state that media and public attention “has reached a frenzy, in which stories concerning Mrs. Deen, Plaintiff, and this case have been among the top national news stories.”

Deen is being sued by her former restaurant manager Lisa Jackson in a $1.2 million civil lawsuit. Earlier this month, the TV star switched legal representation, hiring a team led by Grace E. Speights, a partner in Washington, D.C.-based Morgan Lewis’ Labor and Employment firm.

Of course, pre-trial juror questionnaires are not new, especially in cases involving public figures and famous people. Among past cases mentioned in Friday’s motion: ABC Inc, v. Stewart (as in Martha Stewart).

Citing the Second Circuit Court of Appeals’ remarks from the 2004 case, Deen’s attorneys note that prospective jurors were first screened based on their questionnaire results, then individually questioned in the district judge’s robing room.

Paula Deen Asked an Employee to Dress Up Like Aunt Jemima and Other New Racist Accusations

30 Sep

Paula Deen faces new accusations of racism.

With a royal baby entering the world and another Anthony Weiner scandal, it was just starting to look like all of Paula Deen‘s troubles were over. That’s until Deen’s longtime friend Dora Charles opened up to The New York Times about what a real ass her BFF can really be.

Charles and Deen have worked side-by-side for 22 years. While Deen was the face of the brand, Charles was the real expert in the background, “develop[ing] recipes, train[ing] other cooks and ma[king] sure everything down to the collard greens tasted right.” The Times asserts that Deen herself once said of Charles, “if it’s a Southern dish, you better not put it out unless it passes this woman’s tongue.”

So, yeah, the two were close. They celebrated birthdays together and Deen wrote in her book It Ain’t All About the Cookin’, “if I lost Dora, I would have been devastated.” The following accusations, my dear readers, are not how you treat your friends. In fact, it’s not even how you treat your enemies, unless you’re a mean old racist.

  • Even after Paula Deen became a Food Network star, Charles continued to make only $10 an hour working in Lady & Sons, Deen’s flagship restaurant in Savannah, Ga. Lisa T. Jackson, the Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House manager whose lawsuit started this whole fallout, alleges that Charles was making less money than other (white) employees at Deen’s restaurants who had less seniority. Charles’ pay was eventually bumped to $71,000 a year, but that happened immediately following several of Deen’s employees filing suit with the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission; the timing is suspect to say the least.
  • Charles says Deen referred to her and to other employees using a racial slur. The Times doesn’t specify which, besides that it is “a racially offensive term for a black child.” The article notes that Deen has denied this charge, but Anthony Weiner initially blamed Al Qaeda for his sexting scandal, so who can say anything for certain?
  • Charles also claims that Deen asked her to stand at the front of Lady & Sons ringing a dinner bell, “hollering for people to come and get it.” For those not familiar with the South and Southern customs (I’m from Texas) this is a reference to what would have been a house slave’s job on a traditional plantation.
  • For those who like their dining experience with a twinge of racial inequity, don’t worry, Deen found someone to ring that bell. Her name is Ineata “Jellyroll” Jones. In addition to ringing the dinner bell, Jones’ job was to make the hoecakes (a traditional cornmeal pancake) which were served to each guest. In case ringing a dinner bell wasn’t enough humiliation, Deen requested that Jones wear “an old-style Aunt Jemima outfit” while doing so. Jones apparently declined.

Paula Deen is worth $17 million. Charles lives in a mobile home with a rotting floor. Certainly nothing Deen did was illegal, per se; some may even say it was just good business. However, I think we can all agree that’s just not the way you treat someone you call a friend. Are they still friends? Charles seems to think they, maybe, kind of are. But like how you’re friends with someone from high school. You’ll like a photo of their baby on Facebook, but otherwise things are just awkward and every time you go home they won’t stop asking you about riding the subway and you just can’t get over how weird it is that this person you knew at 14 was allowed to procreate.

Mrs. Charles realizes that her time with Paula Deen is over, and that she will soon leave her kitchen. But the relationship will always be there.

“I still have to be her friend if I’m God’s child,” she said. “I might feed her with a long-handled spoon, but, yeah, I’m still her friend.”

As for her motivations speaking out, Charles says, “it’s just time that everybody knows that Paula Deen don’t treat me the way they think she treat me.”

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