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The Walking Dead: 10 Reasons Why Season 4 Will Be The Best Yet

20 Jul

The Walking Dead

It’s a little over a month until America’s biggest show (if you believe the ratings) crashes back onto the big screen, and I personally can’t wait. When it wants to, the Walking Dead can thrill like little else on television. Yet pessimists will always point out the first part of that sentence – ‘when it wants to be.’

Honestly, I see where they’re coming from. The Walking Dead’s dramatic problems are well-documented and after the positively glacial second season, we were all ready to simply down tools and leave Rick Grimes and his procrastinating friends to their procrastinating ball games and inattentive children watching (‘what do you mean, Carl isn’t in the house) and shack up with more exciting shows. But then, a funny thing happened – season three turned out to be awesome, restoring our faith that a frustrating show that could be good actually managed live up to the expectation.

Now, I grant you that it isn’t perfect, and I’ll be making that abundantly clear throughout this article. Along with some awesome strengths there were some glaring flaws, and they need to be addressed. Yet nonetheless, I’m extremely excited about season four. If the third season proved nothing else, it’s that the writers are capable of learning from their mistakes and know how to build on their strengths (namely, massive zombie murder). So if they can repeat the trick, I’ve every confidence the fourth season will kick all the ass, resurrect it and kick it again. Hell, if you’re not convinced,just look at the goddamned trailer.

With this in mind, I’ve drawn up 10 reasons why I believe The Walking Dead Season Four will be the best season yet. Beware that a SPOILER WARNING is in effect. If you’re fine with that, or just love to have things spoiled for you, then please, read on.

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4 Reasons For Wii U Owners To Be Cheerful

7 Jul

Wii U

The Wii U is coming remarkably close to a year on general release, with little to distinguish it from the console crowd. While the technology has been given the thumbs up, the public have shrugged en masse. Granted, the Wii U is far pricier than its forebear – even after the price cut – and apparently there’s some other consoles on the horizon, but maybe it deserves a second look.

After all, Nintendo has often experienced sluggish starts. You don’t have to look very far back, either – the 3DS was launched with a catalogue that made the Wii U’s look impressive. However, Kid Icarus and Monster Hunter Tri G broke the walls down, and since then it’s proved a worthy successor to the DS.

Much panic has centred around the lack of third-party support. Indeed, big names have ignored the console outright, and substandard, lazy ports have sat alongside exclusives jumping to other platforms. But I reckon the Wii U’ll look a better prospect once its competitors are released. Let’s break it down…

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5 Key Lessons About Women Men Learned From Romantic Comedies

6 Jul

the proposal

I don’t know a lot about women. There, I said it. Like a recently removed plaster this unwavering scar is now exposed to the world and its elements to have its merry way with it.

Lucky though I don’t need to know a lot about women as there are plenty of tools out there to help direct men in the never ending quest to understanding the female psyche – Adverts teach us they need little else but makeup, an excuse to buy clothes, weight watchers programmes and a half price sofa. Video games taught us that the trick to keeping a woman happy and agreeing with you is a poorly fitting crop top and Taylor Swift music taught us that the only emotional pain a woman is capable of experiencing is that of a broken heart. Whilst Miley Cyrus music taught us how to hate music.

In the world of cinema we have a whole genre to help us cultivate an understanding for the female form. Where men are told by other men and the media to look down on rom-coms as ‘stupid’, it is in fact an excellent learning experience for men seeking to enhance their knowledge of the finer form and everything it takes for us to be better to them, learn their ways and be wary of their methods. We owe as much to romantic comedies as Katherine Heigl does – They keep us knowledgeable, they keep her inexplicably employed.

Here’s five key lessons about women we have learned from watching endless romantic comedies…

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Doctor Who: 12 Annoying Characters, Companions And Villains

5 Jul

Adam Mitchell

As much as us fans love our show, all of us have episodes, companions, characters, plotlines, monsters and even Doctors that we dislike. None of these things ever prevent us from watching because – well, because it’s Doctor Who – but most Whovians still enjoy coming together to discuss what they did or didn’t like about every miniscule little detail.

Us Whovians can be a pedantic lot and will argue a point until the Adipose are transported home, but we are also happy to agree to disagree concerning differences of opinion on some things. You didn’t like an episode I enjoyed? That’s fine; each to their own and I love a good, friendly debate. Have at it so long as you’re not going out of your way to offend anybody.

With all of that said, I am now going to put my own head on the chopping block and reveal who and what are – to me – twelve of the most annoying main characters and villains, in no particular order. Please don’t lynch me!

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10 Supposedly Terrible Actors Who Proved They Can Really Act

5 Jul

In Bruges

Every common person sitting on their futon watching Netflix has at least one actor they watch make infinitely more money than they ever will that makes them go, “How the hell did they get famous?”

Some actors make terrible movie after terrible movie, to the point where you truly wonder why anyone ever hired them in the first place. But they all have one secret: They can actually act. Well, except Keanu.

More often than not, if an actor has made it to the top of the Hollywood Elite, it’s because they actually have a special acting card up their sleeve that they’ve just been keeping secret from all of us because the Transformers money kept rolling in. Except Keanu.

Sometimes an actor can go for decades without revealing this secret to anyone, but then they pop up in something that makes you question everything you’ve ever known about Keanu. Here are ten such people.

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5 Reasons Why Kick-Ass 2 Did Kick Ass

23 Jun

Kick-Ass 2

A lot has been said about Kick-Ass 2. Some think it’s mindless violence and not worthy of being a sequel. Others think it’s a fun, action packed ride that is great to watch.

I myself have to lean towards the latter. I just cannot understand the unnecessary hate this film is getting. This is why I felt the need to break down step by step why Kick-Ass 2 was a good film and a worthy sequel.

In a time where a lot of comic book movies are choosing to go for a very serious somber tone. It’s quite refreshing to get a film where it knows it can have those elements to it, but also can make you have a great time watching it.

Sometimes films come out and people (critics) are just determined to hate it. However, I hope to win over you guys out there that lean towards the more negative reviews and show you why Kick-Ass 2 did indeed kick ass!

5. The Action

Kick Ass 2 Jim Carrey

The criticism with this aspect of the film seems to be an overly used one these days when describing action films, that criticism being the use of shaky cam during fight scenes.

I myself did not have any problem with the action scenes in this film and found them very entertaining. At no point was I saying to myself ‘Oh the shaky cam is really distracting there!’. Like I said before it seems to be the fashionable thing now to immediately jump to shaky cam as a reason to criticize an action film. But come on guys it’s getting really old now don’t you think?

Anyone who can honestly say it wasn’t a thrill to see Hit-Girl taking out guys left right and center with ease is lying to themselves. Especially when she went up against that behemoth Mother Russia. The action sequences were well shot and choreographed. Everyone who we wanted to square up to each other happened and that is never a thing to criticize.

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7 Reasons Why Assassin’s Creed III Is Vastly Underrated

23 Jun

Ac3 11

So this is my first ever post, which means you probably don’t know how much of a fanboy I am with anything concerning Assassin’s Creed. The series is by far my favourite, and the first thing I checked when the new consoles were announced was which was getting AC IV: Black Flag first.

I have played all of the main series games, as well as two portable versions, have read two of the books (I’m reading another currently), and my favourite Christmas gift of all time still has to be my prized white and red hoody. The latest installment in the series (excluding the forthcoming Black Flag), while being generally well received by reviews, is not exactly loved by the fans. In fact, it’s often called the worst in the series. I highly disagree, and have many reasons for doing so. Here’s ten of these reasons…

(Minor spoiler warning)

7. The “Kenway Family Saga”

Assassins Creed Iii

This is a rather weak point, so I’m getting it out of the way quickly. Ubisoft have said many times they’re doing a Kenway family saga, which would show how each of the Kenway men (Edward, Haytham and Connor) chose very different paths through life. I think that this saga is good, as it can show similarities and differences in all three characters, and show more about how each’s actions have influenced each other. We know that AC IV is starring Edward Kenway: assassin, pirate and l’Oreal posterboy of the past, but is a Haytham-centered game on it’s way? I tend to disagree, due to the book “Assassin’s Creed: Forsaken” detailing his life, but anything is possible. Speaking of the book…

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