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First Look: 2014 ‘RoboCop’ Reboot Has Its First Trailer

16 Sep


The first trailer for 2014’s reboot of Robocop has arrived, and the new film promises a similar premise as director Paul Verhoeven’s 1987 sci-fi classic, but with lots of changes.

The year is 2028 and multinational conglomerate OmniCorp is the leader in robot technology, having had their drones successfully used by the military in overseas operations for years — and now they want to start using this technology on the domestically (sound familiar?)

When police officer Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman in the reboot, Peter Weller in the original) is injured critically while in the line of duty, the corporation seizes the opportunity to creat a half-man/half-machine police officer.

Of course, what the company doesn’t know is that they’re not totally in control of Murphy.

Michael Keaton, Abbie Cornish, Jackie Earle Haley, Jennifer Ehle, Michael K. Williams, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Jay Baruchel and, of course, Samuel L. Jackson also star.

RoboCop opens in theaters February 7, 2014. Check out the trailer below…

“Les Misérables” Second Trailer Released (VIDEO)

11 Nov

A second trailer for “Les Mis rables” starring ANNE HATHAWAY, HUGH JACKMAN, RUSSELL CROWE and many other big stars has been released, according to the latest entertainment news.

anne hathaway les miserables trailer2

The highly anticipated film adaptation of the hit Broadway musical, “Les Mis rables,” has only a few weeks to go until it premieres on Christmas Day and its digital promotion is in full swing.

Following its first trailer where lead star Anne Hathaway sings one of the musical’s main songs, a behind-the-scenes extended preview and character movie posters, another trailer has been released to tease us all.

The new preview shows Hathaway and the rest of her co-stars, Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Amanda Seyfried, Eddie Redmayne and Sacha Baron Cohen singing as they try to get by during Paris’ oppressive 19th century.

Watch them all sing in the trailer below:

Photo Via Video Screen Grab

LINDSAY LOHAN Stars As ELIZABETH TAYLOR, Strips Down In “Liz & Dick” Teaser (VIDEO)

22 Sep

LINDSAY LOHAN finally stars as ELIZABETH TAYLOR and she strips down in the newest “LIZ & DICKteaser trailer!

lizdick trailer

After a lot of speculation as to whether or not Lindsay Lohan should even be portraying Elizabeth Taylor in a biopic-although she did look quite like the screen legend in the promotional photos-we finally see the controversial young actress as the late Hollywood screen legend.

Lifetime’s “Liz & Dick,” which serves as Lindsay‘s first comeback movie since getting off her formal probation, has finally released a trailer in which the the actress (as Liz Taylor) shows her tumultuous relationship with her husband Richard Burton, who is played by Grant Bowler.

Watch out for Lindsay‘s nakey bath tub scene too!

See the trailer:

Do you think Lindsay makes a good Liz Taylor?

Photo Via Video Screen Grab

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