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Stella McCartney’s British Kits Are An Olympic Hit!

13 Aug


Stella McCartney is extremely popular within the Olympic Village!

British rower, Pete Reed, lately spoke up about how exactly everybody is completely jelly from the teams’ kits, saying:

&#8221Everyone wants it. Everybody within the Olympic Village really wants to trade around. All nations look so plain and flat. Our package is actually something to are proud of. I had been among the men who loved it straight away – it’s were built with a difficult time due to the possible lack of red-colored, however when you to research the village, there really quite a bit of that. Whenever we meet up together, we actually stick out.&#8221

We must agree that Reed and crew looked AH-MAY-ZING because they row, row, rowed their boat towards the gold medal podium!

Exactly what do U think? Are Stella’s designs are the most useful within the games?

[Image via AP Images.]

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