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Oscars 2013: US/UK TV Coverage Comparison

4 Jul


The Oscars – that time, which comes once a year, when UK based film students, graduates and plain old movie-geeks get together with nachos and chocolate biscuits and gather around an illegal stream of the calendar’s most glamorous event. Or, if you close your eyes, the world’s most prestigious meeting of cannibals and psychopaths – “who are you wearing,” indeed!

Being, as I am, a law-abiding citizen, I wasn’t tuned into this promenade of flesh-garbed movie stars via any online stream. In fact, for the longest portion of it I wasn’t tuned into the red carpet show at all. This is largely because I know my internet connection could never manage the stream without interruption (not because I morally object), but mainly I missed most of the red carpet show because Sky’s red carpet coverage wasn’t showing any of it. Their programme consisted mainly of Alex Zane and guests chatting about the nominations from a UK based studio and occasional commentary from correspondent, Lucy Cotter, who was on the red carpet but must’ve really been trying hard to avoid the celebrities – they were nowhere to be seen in Sky’s own footage.

In stark contrast, Twitter was alive with discussion of the E! red-carpet show being viewed by – apparently – most of the world. And tweeters were describing a nauseatingly detailed programme. E! were pushing the art of despicably shallow, invasive entertainment journalism to new levels with their ‘mani cam’ – a camera on the withered talons of the stars, answering the question, “could she claw my eyes out?” (“No, could she PLEASE claw my eyes out – is this what has become of entertainment?”)

Eventually, Sky abandoned their own correspondent and coverage of the red carpet, and instead began running ABC’s attempts. Though, evidently, there was a delay in the footage and Sky did fumble before finally managing to blur out a clock counting down to the ceremony. Albeit little breaks back to Zane in the UK studio for some inane commentary, the rest of the night – ceremony and all – was ABC’s own footage, syndicated by Sky.

And it was almost faultless. The occasional hiccup in timing after returning from an ad break to the programme was no great issue. Nothing was missed but the odd musical cue before the return to Seth MacFarlane’s hosting. And it was a great show. A weak start, in my opinion, but MacFarlane really recovered with some big, surprising developments. The show went on long, and the orchestra threatened to incite shark attacks against some of the winners, but one couldn’t complain too much about Sky’s coverage of the ceremony itself… largely because it was ABC’s coverage. That is, one couldn’t complain until the ending.

While American audiences and those watching the online stream were treated to a big closing number, Sky remained in the studio with Alex Zane and guests as they discussed how their predictions had held up. Barely a droplet of insight had come out of this panel all night and this segment was no different. But Sky’s biggest blunder was letting Zane end on a dreary “Argo…” pun instead of showing us MacFarlane’s final song and dance. “Argo make yourself some breakfast!” – Shut up, Alex Zane. Shut up and find something you’re good it. You’ve clearly tried this hosting thing and it isn’t working – why not take up knitting or something? Your “Argo…” joke is the final insult in a long night of my finding your presence offensive.

The UK coverage of the Oscars very almost wasn’t a shambles. At least, unlike our own BAFTAs, it was shown live. At least Sky were able to admit their faults and borrow ABC’s red carpet footage. At least they damn well tried to make the show work… and it very almost did. But where was our show-closer? Why did you let Alex Zane present over it? And for the sake of that joke? What is wrong with our nation? Why we can’t we do live coverage of anything but sport and the queen’s boat trips? Award season is done for another year, UK. Do try harder next time!

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‘Identity Thief’ Reclaims Top Spot At Box Office With $14.1M

30 Jun

Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman‘s Identity Thief returned to first place at the box office during Oscars weekend, grossing an estimated $14.1 million. The comedy’s grand total since opening two weeks ago now stands at $93.7 million, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Newcomer Snitch, starring Dwayne Johnson, and the animated flick Escape From Planet Earth earned $13 million and $11 million, respectively.

Silver Linings Playbook is the only Oscar-nominated film that finished the weekend in the top 10, with $6.1 million in ticket sales.

With its weekend earnings, the David O. Russell picture has officially surpassed the $100 million mark since its wide release in November.

Keri Russell‘s new horror film Dark Skies opened with a weak $8.9 million. The film couldn’t catch up to Safe Haven and last week’s box office giant A Good Day to Die Hard to finish in the top five.

What did you see at the movies this weekend?

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We Bet You Thought These Stars Already Won An Oscar

20 Jun

After 85 years of dispensing awards, the Oscars have become something of a measuring stick for judging, and then recognizing, the best and brightest talents in Hollywood. But with so many great movies, performances and behind-the-scenes efforts, and so few slots for nominations, it comes as little surprise that more than a handful of great accomplishments go unrecognized each year.

But after two years? Five? Ten? It seems impossible to think that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences would fail to find some reason why certain industry icons deserve to take home one of those little gold statuettes.

And yet, Celebuzz has found not two, or five, or ten, but 25 performers and filmmakers who have never won an Oscar – and in a few cases, have never received nominations.

While the most egregious oversight in Oscar history might be never awarding a Best Director statuette to Stanley Kubrick, the filmmaker did in fact receive recognition in 1968 for Visual Effects for his work on 2001: A Space Odyssey. And Alfred Hitchcock, another industry luminary, received an honorary Oscar, but was never recognized for an individual film, despite receiving nominations for Psycho and other classic suspense thrillers.

But more recently, actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, Liam Neeson and Johnny Depp have failed to win awards against their colleagues and contemporaries, regardless of the fact that they’ve given some of the most unique, interesting, and perhaps most importantly, memorable performances in cinema history.

Talk a look at Celebuzz’s list of 25 stars who never took home Oscars, and then let us know: who do you think deserves an award the most? Leave your comments below for further discussion!

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Hang Out With Celebuzz During The Oscars On Sunday

20 Jun

LIVE Comment Party!

Do you have plans for Oscars night?

Whether you answered “yes” or “no” to that question, join Celebuzz on Sunday, Feb. 24, at 3:00 PM PT/6:00 PM ET for a live Oscars Comment Party! We will all, from our separate corners of the world, watch and react to the award season’s most star-studded ceremony together. Sounds like fun, right?

In order to join the Comment Party, you need only visit the Celebuzz homepage. You can chat with our editors and your fellow readers in the comments section of the Oscars Comment Party post. Share thoughts, reactions, gifs, memes, and whatever else you think will help get the party started.

It will be like one great, big Oscar party, except no one has to clean up at the end.

Read on for more details.

Here is how it will go down for Sunday’s Oscars Comment Party:

  • Visit Celebuzz starting at 3:00 PM PT/6:00 PM ET.
  • Find the Oscars Comment Party thread, which will remain near the top of the page.
  • Share your reactions and thoughts as stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Daniel Day-Lewis, and Jessica Chastain walk the red carpet, present awards and take home statuettes.
  • Feel free to share photos, gifs, videos, and memes about the ceremony as you see them.
  • Celebuzz editors will also be commenting along with you.
  • You will also be given the opportunity to send us pictures of your own Oscars party via Twitter or Instagram. They will be displayed in the Oscars Comment Party post.

We hope to see you all on Sunday!

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Jessica Chastain Is The Talk Of The Times In Beverly Hills

18 Jun

Jessica Chastain kept it simple on the New York Times TimesTalks red carpet in Beverly Hills on Friday.

The Oscar nominee wore a bordeaux Rachel Roy sheath dress that featured a cleavage-flaunting V-neckline, which she paired with nude Christian Louboutin peep-toe pumps.

Not exactly a wow-worthy look, but still very pretty and elegant.

It also manages to whet our appetite for her upcoming Oscars look on Sunday.

We’re dying with anticipation!

[Image via Getty Images.]

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