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Star Trek: Unproduced Stories That Were Never Filmed

4 Aug

Star Trek The Beginning

With Star Trek celebrating its 47th anniversary this month, now is the perfect time to reflect on what could have been. With 6 television incarnations, 12 movies and a seemingly never ending series of novels it could be argued that at somewhere or at sometime every story has been told in the Trek universe.

Au contraire gentle reader!

Today we take a look at stories that were envisioned, but never got past the conceptual stage…


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In Gene Rodenberry’s first draft proposal, “Star Trek is….” He proposed an episode called Kongo, where Uhura and Dr. McCoy encounter a planet where roles have been reversed and black people have enslaved whites. Star Trek writer David Gerrold said, “As a matter of fact, the idea was one that very definitely had been considered. A script version had even been written. And rewritten. And rewritten. The story involved a planet where blacks were the masters and whites were the slaves, but either the premise was too touchy for television or nobody could quite make it work..”

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Star Trek 3: 10 Aliens That Have To Appear

24 Jul

the gorn

JJ Abram’s first Star Trek in 2009 was a work of genius. It served as a sequel to the previous films and television shows and rebooted the series for a new audience. It had a slick cast that captured the personalities of the original Enterprise crew without become impersonations of William Shatner, Nichelle Nichols, Leonard Nimoy etc. Most of all it was fun and exciting and it dared to do things with the mythology that were bold, (the destruction of Vulcan for one), and paid off.

Star Trek Into Darkness was a great film but it didn’t have the energy of its predecessor. It certainly continued to take Star Trek into a confident, thrilling direction and was littered with great references to its source material…maybe too much. Dealing with the retelling of Khan’s story and that death scene from the end of Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan…it was fun to watch, though in some ways I preferred the subtler references like Section 31 that added depth to the story without shouting ‘we’ve done the origin story, let’s gets straight on with the most iconic villain of them all’.

I guess what was missing from me was that sense of wonder…the ‘trek’ in Star Trek. The exploration of space, the final frontier…I was ready for the Enterprise to be off on that five-year voyage now. Of course, that’s where the film ended and that excites me the most. I’m not sure how Star Trek will handle this – I think the heart of Star Trek’s mythos was always that journey into the unknown – and that is something that the films have always, and I guess understandably – moved away from, in favour of dramatic villains and action. That is what is going to get bums on seats in the cinema. Not the Enterprise charting a nebula.

Perhaps a spin off TV series could be a great thing too. Though that’s a side thought for now. What I’m going to look at now is the next film and the aliens I would love to see on the big screen.

NOTE: I love the Borg. Star Trek: First Contact was one of the best Star Trek films to date. They were a brilliant, unstoppable foe. That being said, they are not going to be on the list for one reason- we’ve had Dark Trek with Star Trek Into Darkness. I think we need something lighter. Maybe 2-3 episodes down the line the Borg might work- an origin with V’Ger perhaps? But for now, they need time to rest in favour of other aliens. Here are the 10 aliens that I thing should appear in Star Trek 3 (or is it 13?)

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