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The Walking Dead: 10 Reasons Why Season 4 Will Be The Best Yet

20 Jul

The Walking Dead

It’s a little over a month until America’s biggest show (if you believe the ratings) crashes back onto the big screen, and I personally can’t wait. When it wants to, the Walking Dead can thrill like little else on television. Yet pessimists will always point out the first part of that sentence – ‘when it wants to be.’

Honestly, I see where they’re coming from. The Walking Dead’s dramatic problems are well-documented and after the positively glacial second season, we were all ready to simply down tools and leave Rick Grimes and his procrastinating friends to their procrastinating ball games and inattentive children watching (‘what do you mean, Carl isn’t in the house) and shack up with more exciting shows. But then, a funny thing happened – season three turned out to be awesome, restoring our faith that a frustrating show that could be good actually managed live up to the expectation.

Now, I grant you that it isn’t perfect, and I’ll be making that abundantly clear throughout this article. Along with some awesome strengths there were some glaring flaws, and they need to be addressed. Yet nonetheless, I’m extremely excited about season four. If the third season proved nothing else, it’s that the writers are capable of learning from their mistakes and know how to build on their strengths (namely, massive zombie murder). So if they can repeat the trick, I’ve every confidence the fourth season will kick all the ass, resurrect it and kick it again. Hell, if you’re not convinced,just look at the goddamned trailer.

With this in mind, I’ve drawn up 10 reasons why I believe The Walking Dead Season Four will be the best season yet. Beware that a SPOILER WARNING is in effect. If you’re fine with that, or just love to have things spoiled for you, then please, read on.

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10 Harsh Truths We Don’t Want To Admit About Awesome Games

23 May


Few will argue with the fact that the below games are fantastic – hence why the fiercely-debated Call of Duty, though popular, didn’t make this list – though that doesn’t stop them from harbouring some less-than-savoury truths that they hope most gamers won’t ever come to realise.

Whether it’s their true lack of substance, an ill-advised tonal change that their franchise took, or simply the fact that a classic game hasn’t really aged all that well, these 10 games impressed most of us, though on reflection, we have to recognise that not a single one of them is even remotely close to “perfect”.

Granted, each of these games is awesome enough that we’re prepared to look past the harsh reality, but we should never forget it, otherwise we risk just becoming another blind fanboy (as may account for many of these games’ enduring popularity in the first place). Take a step back and realise that these 10 games are glaringly flawed, if still excellent…

10. World of Warcraft Requires No Skill Whatsoever


The Awesome: For the better part of a decade, World of Warcraft has reigned supreme as the world’s most popular MMORPG – peaking at 12 million users, and presently resting at roughly 7 million – while also spawning countless expansion packs, pop-culture spoofs, and even an impending movie.

The Truth: Though infamous for its fiendishly addictive gameplay, WoW really is just another repetitive MMO that doesn’t require much skill to beast through. It’s all about how much of your existence you are prepared to pour into the game – that is what will largely determine how much you get out of it.

Though the large player base helps us become immersed in this huge world, it’s really pretty simple stuff that relies on players spending their time away from work just throwing themselves into another kind of grind.

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10 Best Video Game Endings

1 Jan

Final Fantasy X1

In case you’ve never played it, this is how Super Mario Bros. ends. After Mario runs, jumps, and incinerates his way through eight worlds and seven castles, he finally finds his way to “Another Castle.” For the last time, he gets around Bowser and uses the ax to cut the bridge sending King Koopa to his death. In the next room waits not some chubby Toad, but Princess Toadstool herself. This is it! We finally get to witness the reunion of Mario and Peach. And now that Bowser’s reign of terror is over, we get to see the Mushroom Kingdom slowly return to normal.

“Thank you Mario,” Peach lustfully exclaims. “Your quest is over. We present you with a new quest. Press B Button.” And that’s it? We don’t even get a smooch of victory? Or a period at the end of that last sentence?

If a high-profile game was released today with an ending like that, the internet would burst from all the entitled whining. Games can no longer just be fun – they need an intriguing plot and well-developed characters to give us reason to finish them. And when we finish them, that finale better be satisfying. Because no matter how good the rest of the game was, if the ending is lousy, that’s how the whole package will be remembered. Just ask poor Mass Effect 3. Our expectations for game endings have become extremely high, and that’s because some select games have given us finales that rival the best of film and television. The following games represent the absolute best examples of going out on a high note.

Please Note: No game on this list predates the 2000s, and that isn’t because I’m some youngster who thinks old games suck. Gaming has come a long way in the 21st century, especially in terms of storytelling, and this list reflects that.

Oh, and spoilers. Duh.

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The Walking Dead: 10 Things We Want To See In The Next 8 Episodes

5 Mar


The Walking Dead follows Rick Grimes, a police officer who was shot and went into a coma, an event which may in fact have saved his life – while he was in the hospital, an unknown event caused a zombie apocalypse. Rick wakes from his coma and sets off to try and find his family and luckily he does manage to be reunited with them and the group of survivors that they are a part of. Eventually he becomes the leader.

Based on the long-running comic book series from Robert Kirkman, the TV show loosely follows the comics storyline, with new story elements and characters added in to keep it fresh for both fans and first time viewers alike.

Already in season three we have been introduced to the town of Woodbury and another group of survivors led by the secretly evil character called The Governor. We have been shown the prison which will become the home of Rick’s group – at least for a while – and have been introduced to fan favourites like Michonne and Tyrese. The midseason finale left off with a gun fight between the two groups of survivors, The Governor injured with the loss of an eye, and the Dixon Brothers in what could be one hell of a deadly situation.

Now that season three is returning with 8 episodes left, we thought we would have a look at things we would like to see in the rest of this season, both from the comics and in general.

Spoiler Alert: This article will contain spoilers for the comics and the show so far.

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