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10 Villains Who Were Completely Screwed By Movie Adaptations

3 Aug

Gladiator Tongue

Even when it’s claiming to be showing us films that are “based on a true story” or “real events,” Hollywood basically just steam-rolls over the traditional notion of the truth, without concern for the impact on reality, history or literature. And why wouldn’t they?

After all, who cares about the source – whether historical or textual – when lying is so much more delightful?

Oliver Stone basically made up a whole world of lies for his version of the JFK assassination theory, Zulu turned teetotal, honourable hero Henry Hook into a drunken malingerer and Rudy turned Dan Dein – the man behind Rudy’s selection – into a pantomime villain who was overruled by his squad.

But these crimes in the name of fiction are far from the only examples: across many genres and multiple stories, characters who were basically either heroes or misunderstood in their original form have been royally screwed by Hollywood’s quest for a “better story.”

Stories have been retold, and for most of the characters on this list, myths have been wrongly built on those lies, meaning the “truth” we all now wholly accept is invariably based on great big fibs. Every single one of these victims has been pushed through a malevolent mangle and come out the other side in a totally different, far more nasty form.

And some of them are basically good guys.

Honourable Mention

Mark Zuckerberg – The Social Network

The Social Network

Facebook is great: it allows users to find old friends and look at their holiday photos, or reconnect with old flames, and look at their holiday photos, or even discover new friends, and look at their holiday photos. But The Social Network told the story of a socially awkward, downright nasty nerd who invented the site, propelled by romantic rejection, and basically just a bad egg.

However you feel about Mark Zuckerberg, the reality is probably some way off what The Social Network claimed – especially the part about his ex inspiring the entire thing.

But, let’s be honest, Zuckerberg might just deserve some of the heat, imagined or otherwise, because he invented Facebook, and then has the temerity to reinvent it every couple of months just as his self-righteous users are getting used to the last round of changes.

And that’s to say nothing of the spurious privacy practices that see your inane and useless conversations and Likes sold to the highest bidder. Allegedly.

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7 Dumb Films Based On The Titanic You Won’t Believe Got Made

26 Jan


The sinking of the Titanic is a event that, with its horrific, escalating sequence of mistakes and massive loss of life, has captured the imagination of pretty much everyone who’s lived in the 101 years since it sank. Dramatisations, on the large and small screen, have played a big part in this, turning the tragedy into an emotionally unifying melodrama, without losing any of the tragic effect. Obviously James Cameron’s epic (and in many ways definitive) film version that swept the Oscars and the box office played a big part in that, but even before then, particularly in the decades directly following the disaster, there’s been a multitude of movies that have looked at Titanic in one way or another.

And why not? With the obvious class divide, present in both the ship’s design and pushed to the fore in its sinking, and Titanic herself serving as a symbol of Empire driven opulence there’s a myriad of subtexts to be mined. And once it became convention to have a fictional romance on board the ship be the main attraction (a notion introduced incredibly early on), screenplays began to write themselves.

Some, notably Cameron’s incredible effort and the meticulously researched A Night To Remember (Walter Lord spent 20 years collecting information for the book on which it’s based), ended up brilliant, but most fall in the category of interesting to fanatics, but vapid to general audiences. And then beyond them there’s the films on this list; the movies based around the Titanic tragedy so stupid they’d be written off as a joke if it wasn’t for the evidence sitting right in front of you. Strap yourselves in; this is going to be a bumpy one.

Honourable Mention – That Disrespectful Red Bull Advert


A couple of months ago Red Bull aired another in their series of crudely drawn, logically skewed adverts, this time claiming that the only reason so many of the passengers of the crew died when the Titanic went down was because there was no Red Bull on board and therefore no one had their wiiings . If you think it sounds too stupid to be true, check the video out below.

While there’s certainly an a argument that 101 years is enough time for most jokes to be acceptable, that doesn’t really stretch to the trivialisation of a catastrophic loss of life. It subsequently received 110 complaints from disgusted viewers, including descendants of those who died, but the ad remained on the air.

But hey, at least it understood that Captain Smith was ignorant of the dangers of sea travel, so it did do a bit better than some entries on this list.

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