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Kristin Cavallari Talks About Pulling Off A Secret Wedding And Why A ‘Laguna Beach’ Reunion Will (Probably) Never Happen

30 May

Kristin Cavallari is used to keeping reality storylines on the down-low, but when it came to her own real-life wedding story she shocked even herself that she was able to pull off getting hitched without a hitch.

“I’m kinda surprised we did,” the blonde beauty told Celebuzz. “We only invited our closest friends and family and we just told everybody not to tell anyone.”

Cavallari and her football player hubby Jay Cutler, who got engaged in 2011, tied the knot June 8 at the Woodmont Christian Church in Nashville, Tenn., a locale close to their hearts.

“We live in Nashville during he off season,” she said. “We had a vintage-y, rustic-y wedding, I found this awesome warehouse with cool exposed brick walls. It just felt right.”

So, how’s life as a newlywed? “It’s great! It feels the exact same,” she laughed.

The 26-year-old shoe designer has had a busy year organizing her hush-hush nuptials and giving birth to the Cutler family’s first baby, Camden on August 8, 2012 – but don’t expect this pro planner to plan any elaborate first birthday celebrations.

“We’re not big on having big birthday parties for babies, probably when he’s five we’ll do something when he can remember it,” said Cavallari.

But this mom knows her baby boy can’t have his big day without one special present.

“Maybe I’ll make him a little healthy cake because I’m a heath nut… and just hang out. He’s at such a great age right now where everything is so new and exciting for him and hearing him laugh is the best thing in the world.”

The League guest star says she’s going to stick with scripted TV for now and although she’d be up for a Laguna Beach reunion she’s pretty sure that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

“I feel like I did it when I was single, but now I have a baby and a husband it’s so far behind me… those days are over, which is good they need to be over,” she said laughing.

“I would actually be interested in doing a Laguna Beach reunion… But I don’t think they’ll have us do it because I think it’ll come out how fake it was… it just wouldn’t work,” she continued. “But I would love to, I think it would be fun.”

So we’ll just have to keep crossing our fingers.

For more with Kristin Cavallari on what it’s like working with her husband, life as a mommy and more designing in her future, watch the CB! video above.

‘RHOC’ Recap: Everyone Hates Gretchen

29 May

Love seems to be in full bloom for Gretchen Rossi. The star of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Orange County decided to throw caution to the wind and pop the question to her longtime love Slade Smiley. Last week, Gretchen recorded a love song, which also doubled as her proposal to Slade. After all the ups and downs the couple went through, Gretchen wanted to seize the day and become Mrs. Slade Smiley. Once Slade agreed to put a ring on Gretchen, the two made a pact to keep mum about their new status, since the OC ladies will hate on them. I wonder why?

Please note: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched Monday’s episode, “An Immodest Proposal”

While Gretchen and Slade bask in their happiness of being engaged, Gretchen’s friends Lydia McLaughlin, Alexis Bellino and Vicki Gunvalson weren’t too thrilled about her betrothed Slade’s trashtalk on his internet radio show. It seems Slade, once again, had something to say about the RHOC ladies. However, this time, his venom was directed at Vicki. The women were tired of Slade’s antics and Gretchen’s enabling, and declared enough was enough! While Vicki planned out her winter wonderland party, she opted to invite Gretchen and Slade, so she could confront Mr. Smiley about his antics.

Why even invite that crazy into your orbit Vicki? Just like a petulant child, if you ignore Slade, he’ll go away! Any RHOC viewer can tell Slade’s just creating drama, so he can stay relevant (and try to get a paycheck from Bravo). Therefore, why even feed into his nonsense?

Meanwhile, Heather Dubrow griped to her husband, Terry, she just couldn’t see herself being friends with Gretchen after the support she’s thrown her way, and the lies she’s busted her in. If that’s Heather’s barometer, I guess she won’t be friends with half the residents in Orange County. As Vicki’s party gets underway, Heather, Lydia, Alexis, and Tamra Barneyhad a bash fest about Slade, and insisted they wouldn’t put up with his foolishness. The women were going to let him know just how they felt about his behavior. Something tells me a lot of screeching and cuss words will fly once these wacky dames let the alcohol fly. Let the crazy commence!

Buzz Moments

OMG!: Gretchen calling Slade’s brother a “swamp” version of him. Really girl?

Thank you, TV gods.: Vicki not inviting troublemaker Lauri Waring Peterson to her shindig. Smart move.

Awk-ward: Tamra getting pooped on, (literally) by baby Troy.

Hotness: Gretchen’s wannabe Marilyn Monroe get up. Nice outfit considering the occasion.

Fab-u-lous: Vicki’s winter wonderland home. Amazing!

Can. Not. Wait.: For the ladies to face off with Gretchen and Slade. It is the end of the season, so chaos will ensue!

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 6.5.

Are the women being too hard on Gretchen? Sound off below!

– Jillian Bowe

Moment of Then: When Bravo Met Teresa Giudice

27 May

Today, Teresa Giudice is facing a crap-ton of years in prison after she and her husband Joe were indicted on 39 counts of conspiracy and fraud.

But back in August 2009, she was just your average soon-to-be-“Bravolebrity” in search of the meaning of life and other things on season 1 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

In this clip, available still on Bravo’s website, Teresa (pronounced Ta-ray-sa by the network’s creepy-sounding voiceover guy) is seen wanting breast implants as she complains about building her “dream house.” (Remember when her problems consisted only of her “bubbies”?)

“I’m not fake. I don’t try to be someone I’m not,” she says.

The rest, unfortunately, is history.

Doctor Who: Why The Casting Of The 12th Doctor Shouldn’t Be A Deal-Breaker

25 May

Doctor Who Eleventh doctor Face Obscured

In a matter of hours, the identity of the Twelfth Doctor will be revealed. In a live programme broadcast on BBC1 at 7PM, the actor newly cast in British television’s most iconic role (who BBC employees currently refer to as ‘Houdini’) will make his/her first public appearance as the face of Doctor Who and undoubtedly cause internet forums and fansites to crash. Debate around the identity of the new Time Lord is fierce with The Thick Of It star Peter Capaldi currently being the bookies’ favourite to take control of the Tardis.

But even though Capaldi’s casting is currently nothing but a rumour, some fans have come out of the woodwork on social networking sites and forums saying that they will stop watching the programme if he is the new Doctor. Partly because of the belief that he doesn’t suit the role (even though we have yet to see the Twelfth Doctor in action) but mainly because he previously appeared in Doctor Who as Caecilius in The Fires Of Pompeii (2008) and as John Frobisher in Torchwood: Children Of Earth (2009).

But if Capaldi is indeed the Twelfth Doctor, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Freema Agyeman, Karen Gillan, and Colin Baker all had one-off roles in Doctor Who before becoming part of the main cast. Colin Baker became the Sixth Doctor even though his previous character had directly interacted with Peter Davison’s Doctor in Arc Of Infinity (1983). A minor role in Doctor Who shouldn’t preclude an actor from playing a different character further down the line if they suit the part. Michael Wisher (the first actor to play Davros) played a total of eight different characters in Doctor Who during the 1970s and it didn’t stop him from playing any of them well. Especially Davros. The same could be true of Capaldi if he is the new Doctor.

peter capadli

But I’m getting off track here. My main point is that whoever the Twelfth Doctor is, we can’t possibly know how well they’ll do until we see the Regeneration scene at Christmas. And even if there are a few issues with the Twelfth Doctor’s portrayal at first (After all, no actor fits into a role perfectly right from the off), the actor will be working with a crew of incredibly talented individuals that will help steer him/her towards settling into the role. So because we won’t know who the Twelfth Doctor is until this evening and won’t see that actor playing the character for another four and half months, planning to abandon the programme if a certain actor who you consider to not be a suitable Doctor is cast is a short-sighted move and betrays a lack of true interest in the programme. And although the programme is mainly about the Doctor, it’s a large scale series that extends beyond just him, with several stories barely featuring him and some story arcs focussing on his companions or other elements such as Series 3 s Mr Saxon arc being about the Master. So even if you don’t like the new Doctor, there are still other elements that you’d miss out on by deciding to stop watching.

People like those who are considering jumping ship if Capaldi is cast are in no way representative of the fandom as a whole but some Whovians have a tendency to react strongly and negatively to change. Let’s not forget that when Matt Smith was revealed as the Eleventh Doctor in 2009, there was a minor but noticeable backlash against him with criticisms of his looks, age, and acting abilities. And it looks like the same will happen with whoever is cast as the Twelfth Doctor.

What we need to remember is that whoever the new Doctor is, the programme will continue for years to come. They are one of many actors who have played and will play the character. And if this new Doctor (whoever he or she may be) does turn out to be a poor choice, another one will come along in a few years’ time. This new Doctor heralds the next step in the evolution of Doctor Who and, as fans, the least we can do is hold our judgement and keep watching long enough to give them a chance.

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5 Live Action TV Characters Who’d Make Great MCU Avengers

24 May


It’s fun to imagine, right? Right!

So, as impossible as it may be in reality, I’ve been thinking about live action characters from TV shows who would make great additions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s team of Avengers.

Currently, the Avengers roster consists of the monstrous Hulk, the charismatic Iron Man, the demi-god Thor, the super-soldier Captain America, the seductive espionage expert Black Widow and Hawkeye, the man with the perfect aim.

This leaves room for a variety of new members with different skills and abilities, and the world of television is teaming with characters who have what it takes. If only it was possible!

With that in mind, here are five live action television characters who would make great Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe if such a scenario was possible…

5. Illyria (Angel)


Having already harnessed the power of one demi-god in Thor, the Avengers could benefit further from the acquisition of another; Illyria.

She might be harder to tame, of course, but if SHIELD could offer her the opportunity to regain the powers she lost in Angel (perhaps by technologically augmenting her body to make it capable of hosting such immense power), then maybe she could be bargained with.

Illyria possesses incredible super-strength and durability, the ability to slow down time and the ability to travel between dimensions. She would be a huge asset to the Avengers and it would be awesome to see her fighting alongside the likes of Hulk, Iron Man and Thor.

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13 May

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Emmys 2013: 5 Nominations That Should Have Happened

11 May


Well, the 2013 Emmy nominations have been revealed and there were a lot of surprise nominations and a lot of surprise snubs. Instead of looking at the surprise nominations, I figure I’d go the obvious route and look at the snubs.

Now, I never get too upset with snubs and nominations, and stuff like that. It doesn’t really ring important with me. However, I do think certain shows and performances deserve a little more recognition and a little boost to increase viewers and keep the shows afloat. Now, while I’m not positive getting an Emmy nom helps your ratings, I couldn’t imagine it would hurt them.

I use to take the Emmy’s seriously. I use to think they meant something. After Jim Parsons beat Steve Carell twice, I just didn’t feel like they meant anything. No disrespect to Parsons, I think he is great on BBT, but it is nothing compared to Carell’s portrayal of Michael Scott. I know it’s weird to think that one award, back to back years, made me change my entire mind on the Emmys and award shows in general, but it did.

I’m also going to come out and say that I don’t watch a decent amount of the popular shows that get nominated. So for me to say that someone deserves to be nominated instead of someone from Game of Thrones or Mad Men, would be insane. Because I don’t watch those shows I can’t say who is or who isn’t good on that program. These are just people that I think should have been nominated, also.

Enough rambling, let’s take a look at the snubs! (SPOILERS AHEAD!)

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