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Bio-anne Pueraria Collagen Breast Enlargement Firming Cream120g./ Plus Soap 50g.

13 Mar

  • Bio-anne Pueraria Collagen Breast Enlargement Firming Cream120g./ Plus Soap 50g.

Bio-Anne Pueraria Breast Enlargement Firming Cream120g. Plus Bio-Anne Pueraria Breast Soap 50g. Pueraria in Asia is known as the Miracle Herb and is used in the treatment of breast enlargement, anti-aging, menopausal problems and for the improvement of hair, skin and nails. Pueraria is a plant that grows at high altitudes in the North of Thailand, where the plant is called ‘Kwao Khrua’. Bio-Anne Breast Cream contains natural Pueraria & Collagen Bio-Active. It’s specifically formulated to make your breasts firmer and fuller, and it makes your skin whiter, softer and smoother. Ingredients: Pueraria Extract, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Avocado Oil, Safflower Oil, Sesame Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Vegetable Glycerine, Mineral Oil, Lactic Acid, Purified Water, Fragrance. Directions: Apply soap and lather onto your breasts, and rinse. Then apply the breast cream onto your breasts thoroughly. Gently massage until the cream is completely absorbed, don’t rise. Use morning and night for fuller, firmer, more beautiful, natural breasts! Size: Cream 120g./4.28oz. Soap 50g./1.78oz. Note: We are not nanufacturer and the U.S. Regulations prevent us from offering guaranteed results. The money-back guarantee does not apply. Made in Thailand!

Price: $17.00

Modern Lash EyeLash Extensions Lash The Professional Kit

13 Mar

  • Modern Lash has become the world’s leading brand in faux eyelashes because it has stayed true to its mission in wanting to give women a way to have beautiful, extraordinary eyes.
  • Bee Line Industries partnered with Modern Lash and has created one of the world’s finest quality selections of easy-to-use, premium quality faux eyelashes and accessories.
  • Lash Case, Adhesive – Standard Gel, Adhesive – Sensitive Gel , Adhesive Remover, Jade Stone, Silicone Pad, Air Blower Pink, Micro-Brushes, Mascara Brushes, Adhesive Tape, Blink Me Gel Patches, Tweezers I Type Straight, Tweezers S Type Curved
  • Visit our website BeeLineIndustries for more products and comprehesive information about each item.
  • Kit Includes – J Curl 2mm x 9mm – 1 gram, J Curl 2mm x 10mm – 1 gram, J Curl 2mm x 11mm – 1 gram, J Curl 2mm x 12mm – 1 gram, J Curl 2mm x 13mm – 1 gram, B Curl 2mm x 9mm – 1 gram, B Curl 2mm x 10mm 1 gram, B Curl 2mm x 11mm – 1 gram, B Curl 2mm x 12mm – 1 gram, B Curl 2mm x 13mm – 1 gram, C Curl 2mm x 9mm – 1 gram, C Curl 2mm x 10mm – 1 gram, C Curl 2mm x 11mm – 1 gram, C Curl 2mm x 12mm – 1 gram, C Curl 2mm x 13mm – 1 gram, D Curl 2mm x 9mm – 1 gram, D Curl 2mm x 10mm – 1 gram, D Curl 2mm x 11mm – 1 gram, D Curl 2mm x 12mm – 1 gram, D Curl 2mm x 13mm – 1 gram

Superior products create superior results. Choose a Eyelash Extension Kit that will sure to expand your prospects. There are kits for every budget, but create the opportunity to expand your clientele as well as your revenues. The average kit: * Services up to 300 customers (includes full applications & touch ups) * Recover your investment in just 2-3 applications * Profit potential per kit exceeds $24,000 (results from technician to technician varies and depends greatly on level of expertise) Bee Line Industries The Essence of Quality & Luxury. After years of research and testing, our main product lines are the foundation of superior treatments within the Beauty Industry. With so many companies in the world market to consider, we believe these companies are driven by successful results with several years of science behind them. We are mainly a wholesale company that sells directly to other retailer’s in the industry. We support many spas, salons, waxing centers, nail facilities, and other health and beauty avenues. Our goal is to provide each one of our clients with outstanding customer service and fast dependable shipping. We recognized that our business depends on your business and we want you to succeed.

Price: $339.00

Kao Essential | Hair Care Mask | Damage Care Rich Premium Serum Light Oil 60ml

13 Mar

  • | IMPORTANT NOTICE | Made for Japan market and in a Japanese retail package. Manual(s) is in Japanese only.

Hair essence Size:60ml New Bottle

Price: $173.15

Best Moroccan Argan Oil For Hair, Face And Skin – Organic and 100% Pure Argan Oil – 4 Fluid Ounce – Highest Quality Argan Oil Available

13 Mar

  • USDA certified moroccan argan oil (100% pure) hair, skin and face treatment; Imported from morocco, Bottled in the U.S.A
  • The OZ Code argan oil is produced using the highest standards in the industry; Cold pressed; Unrefined; All natural; Unscented
  • Apply to dry, damaged and brittle hair for a shiny celebrity feel
  • Apply all over body to condition, nourish and maintain healthy skin tones
  • Apply to face for a deep moisturizing, radiant and glamorous look

The OZ Code moroccan argan oil 4 oz glass bottle with dropper 100% natural raw cosmetic argan oil is the perfect oil for the face, skin, hair and nails.

Made from the nuts of the Moroccan argan tree, It is high in vitamin E and essential fatty ideal for all skin and hair types. Improve skin’s hydration. Non-greasy 100% raw organic cold pressed. 100% natural fragrance free.

1. Create luminous, shiny hair and tame frizz.

2. Restore dry and damaged hair whilst softening your scalp.

3. Use as a facial moisturizer and hydrating toner.

4. Help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

5. Use on stretch marks, scars and sunburn.

6. Treat and soften your nails, cuticles and heels.

7. Repair dry, fragile lips.

8. Natural remedy for psoriasis and acne


Hair: Once Daily

1. To instantly add moisture, protection and shine to your hair, dispense a few drops of this lightweight oil into the palm of your hands.

2. Rub together to warm the oil before applying to damp or towel-dried hair, focusing on split ends, roots and strands.

Skin: As Required

1. Apply liberally to problem areas such as hands, elbows, heels and knees to soften and smooth.

Face: Once or Twice Daily

1. Use sparingly after your morning cleansing routine and allow time to fully absorb before applying make up.

2. Can also be used before bed to revitalise your face and enhance skin rejuvenation during rest.

Ideal for all skin and hair types, argan oil improves skin hydration. This non-greasy formula is fragrance-free and organically cold-pressed.

Fast absorbing and moisturizes softens and nourishes eliminates frizz and adds shine to hair strengthen soft and brittle nails imported directly from ecocert certified women’s cooperatives from morocco.

Price: $24.00

Natrol Nuhair Men’s 30 Day Kit

13 Mar

  • Supports follicular growth and thickens hair naturally
  • Helps to block the negative effects of DHT
  • Delivers vital nutrients to nourish the scalp
  • Number one, safe and effective natural supplement for hair loss

Natrol NuHair is America’s #1 Selling Natural System for Hair Loss. NuHair supports follicular growth and thickens hair naturally. It helps to block the negative effects of DHT and delivers vital nutrients to nourish the scalp. Safe, effective and drug free, NuHair is a natural nutrient booster for fine and thinning hair. It energizes the scalp and nourishes the hair shaft to help produce stronger, thicker hair. NuHair has been specifically formulated with natural ingredients which possess DHT-inhibiting properties. As men age, rising levels of DHT can lead to hair loss and/or thinning hair. NuHair helps combat the primary type of hair loss in men, male pattern baldness, by blocking the production of DHT. NuHair offers the number one, safe and effective natural supplement for hair loss. Thickens hair naturally. Energizes follicular growth. Provides intensive nourishment. Safe and effective for men. NuHair Hair Regrowth is a natural nutrient booster. Natrol makes this product in the U.S.A.!

Price: $26.99

S T Croc W/Cross Manicure Set

13 Mar

  • Features a pink faux crocodile design for a contemporary fashion statement
  • Sports a silver decorative cross
  • Includes nail file, tweezers, cuticle tool, trimming scissors and 2 nail clippers
  • Color: Pink
  • Size: 2.75 x 4.5 x 0.5

This pink faux crocodile manicure set is a contemporary fashion statement in accessories for women. Add a silver decorative cross and you have a wonderful gift item for women of all ages! 6-piece manicure set includes nail file, tweezers, cuticle tool, trimming scissors and 2 nail clippers. Color: Pink. Size: 2.75″ x 4.5″ x 0.5″.

Price: $14.98

Lipogaine for Women: Minoxidil Enhanced with Biotin and Vitamin for Thinning Hair Loss / Hair Regrowth Treatment Professionally Formulated Extra Strength Version

13 Mar

  • Minoxidil is the No.1 hair growth product in the United States
  • Biotin is widely considered as the most important vitamin for healthier and stronger hair by beauticians
  • Provide critical hair nutrients
  • Proprietary herbal blend to lower DHT

Clinically proven ingredients are perfectly harnessed in this formula to offer a complete solution for maximum results with unparalleled simplicity. It is the first hair growth formula that combines the FDA approved hair regrowth stimulator (minoxidil) with Biotin, a much sought after supplement for healthy and beautiful hair, skin, and nail. With advanced liposome delivery system, Lipogaine has made it possible to compound minoxidil together with biotin, niacin, and many other vitamins, and to deliver them deeper into scalp for maximum efficacy. This elegantly optimized formulation dries fast and is super clean. Ingredients:Ethanol (alcohol), Propylene glycol , Water, Minoxidil 2%, Biotin, Niacin, Apple polyphenol, Proprietary herbal DHT blocker. 60 ml topical solution. Recommend use twice daily. Sufficient for one month. [This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.]

Price: $29.95

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